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Alexa Can Create New Kids’ Stories On The Fly For Your Child

An Echo Show 10 displaying a children's story

Right now, A.I. art is all the rage, and some A.I. writing is even a thing that might take off someday. Or maybe sooner! Starting today, Echo Show devices can generate brand-new stories for your child to enjoy. And they even get a say in how it goes.

If your family is anything like mine, then nightly bedtime stories are a beloved tradition you never want to skip. It’s a moment of bonding, education, and even sharing of stories you grew up with to your children. But sometimes, you run out of books or time to make it all happen.

Amazon has a potential solution, and thanks to A.I., it has quite a few stories to tell. Starting today, your child can ask any Echo Show to “make a story,” and it will begin generating a new narrative on the fly. For now, this doesn’t work on Alexa speakers, just Echo devices with a display. But Amazon says it works whether the Echo Show is in kids mode or not.

The “Create with Alexa” feature makes your child a “co-writer” as well and asks for their input on how the story should go. Your child can choose to make the story a “space exploration,” “underwater, or “enchanted forest” themed adventure. And then, they can choose and name a character to star in the story.

For now, the choices are pretty limited, so don’t expect a library full of drastically different original stories. But you can save each story you made for your child to hear again or create a new one on the fly. The stories are short, which can be helpful for youngsters, at only five to ten lines. But Amazon says that each story is unique and generated on the fly. Even if your child chooses exactly the same prompts, some of the details, artwork, and background music will change.

The feature is rolling out right now to Echo Show devices, and your child (or you if you want), can get started by saying, “Alexa, make a story.”

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