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Spotify Launches 2022 Wrapped to Celebrate Your Year in Music

Spoitfy 2022 Wrapped icon on a purple background

It’s a special time of year for music fans when Spotify releases its annual Wrapped feature. Every year, the company delivers a recap of your listening habits in a fun module. And 2022 has some new ways to share your musical journey with your friends.

In years gone by, Wrapped has included things like fun movies, card games, and audio auras. This year, Spotify has upped their game with things like listening personalities and analysis of your daily listening habits.

How to Access 2022 Wrapped on Spotify

Spotify app open showing 2022 Wrapped

To access your Spotify Wrapped, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed (8.7.78 or higher) and open the program. The 2022 Wrapped banner should be one of the first things you see. When you tap on the 2022 Wrapped icon, you’ll be treated to eight Instagram-like stories detailing your total play time, top songs, songs played, the number of artists you listened to, and more.

What’s New In 2022 Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped Listening Personalities shown on four smartphones.

If you’ve enjoyed Spotify Wrapped in years past, you’ll notice two new cards this year: Your Listening Personality and Audio Day. These two new sections give you an even more personalized glimpse into your listening habits and how you consume the music that you love. Listening Personalities include titles like “The Replayer,” “The Specialist,” “The Adventurer,” “The Funclubber,” and 12 more. And Audio Day shows you exactly how your listening habits evolve throughout a 24-hour period.

How to Share Your Spotify 2022 Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2022 share cards on a purple background.

Each section of your 2022 Wrapped module has a share button at the bottom that lets you publish your stats to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. And when the carousel of information and stats is over, you’ll have access to multiple cards that you can share to whatever social media platform you prefer.

How to Listen to Your Top Songs of 2022

Top Songs of 2022 on Spotify on a purple background.

Once you’ve finished your 2022 Wrapped experience, you’ll have access to your Top Songs 2022 module. It’s a special playlist that’s presented by Samsung. If you’re on the free version of Spotify, you’ll only be able to listen to previews from the list itself, but the whole songs will be available in shuffle mode.

Keep in mind that 2022 Wrapped is only available on the mobile version of Spotify (iOS/Android). And while there are desktop and browser versions of the app for Mac, Windows, and Linux, 2022 Wrapped won’t show up there.


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