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Become a Griddle Master with These 20 Accessories

A certified griddle master with the tools of the trade

So, you’ve finally dedicated yourself to the high-riding griddle lifestyle. But skills and enthusiasm aren’t everything. If you want to be a real griddle master, you need the right tools and accessories.

The basic tools and utensils in your kitchen may be good for frying eggs, or poaching eggs, or baking a soufflé (or whatever), but they won’t live up the needs of a hardened, grease-guzzling griddle master.

So, what does one need to become a griddle master? Well, you need some basic tools, like spatulas and scrapers. But you also need basting domes, meat presses, and squeeze bottles. A griddle master is rough-and-tumble, yet gentle, so you need storage and cleaning products to keep your griddle in tip-top shape. An apron would be nice too, and you’ll need a griddle. But that’s kind of a given. (Need one for your stove top? We’ve got you covered.)

The hunt for griddle accessories can be overwhelming but don’t give up the fight just yet, we’re here to help. We’ve tracked down a pile of products that can elevate anyone to griddle master.

The Necessary Tools

A spatula, two oil bottles, and a griddle tool kit
Blackstone/Jordigamo/New Star Food Service

Spatulas, scrapers, and oil bottles form the triptych of griddle tools. These are must-haves for any serious griddle chef. If you want to flip and pick up food, then you need a spatula. If you want to pull grease and burnt food off the grill, then you need a scraper. If you want to effortlessly use cooking oil, then you need a squeeze bottle. These are facts.

You probably already have some of these tools in your kitchen, but if you’re missing anything, now’s the time to stock up. Lucky for you, these basic griddle tools are pretty inexpensive, and you can always buy a set if you don’t feel like shopping around.

  • Jordigamo Stainless Griddle Kit ($42) – This kit includes four spatulas, two oil bottles, tongs, a scraper, two egg molds, and a carry bag. For $42, you’re basically paying $4 per griddle tool.
  • Blackstone Griddle Accessories Kit ($20) – This kit includes two spatulas, a scraper, and two oil bottles. It’s a minimalist kit, but it’s affordable, and it’s got all the necessities.
  • Blackstone 32 oz Squeeze Bottles (2-Pack) ($10) – Two large squeeze bottles for your cooking oil. These bottles make it easy to put some oil on your griddle. You can even use them to hold infused oils for tasty blackened meats or sautéed veggies.
  • New Star Foodservice Wood Handled Spatula ($6) – A 12.5″ wood handled spatula. Hey, it’s $6, you might as well buy it if you need another spatula.

Armed with a good basic set, you’re ready to dig into the extra tools that will expand your griddle master arsenal.

The Extra Tools

If you want to press, blacken, steam, or baste your food, then you’ll need to add some additional tools to your griddle arsenal. Grill presses and basting domes are commonly found in restaurant settings, and they’re used by real griddle masters.

These tools aren’t necessities, but they’re a great addition to your griddle setup. Plus, they aren’t too expensive.

  • Yukon Glory 28″ Griddle Rack ($28) – This stainless steel rack clips to the sides of your griddle. It’s dishwasher safe, and it adds storage space for your tools, bottles, and ingredients.
  • Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press ($17) – If you want to squeeze unwanted fat from meats, you’ll need a press to get the job done right. This cast iron press is naturally non-stick, and it should last for a long time.
  • Bellemain Cast Iron Bacon Press ($15) – Tired of unevenly cooked bacon? The Bellemain bacon press can help you push that squiggly bacon down into your griddle. It’s cast iron, so it won’t stick, and it should last for a long time.
  • Blackstone 12″ Basting Dome ($12) – This stainless basting dome is a necessity to any home-chef that wants to steam veggies, melt cheese, or blast their meat with some oil. It’s big, it’s dishwasher ready, and it’s cheap.
  • Cuisinart 9″ Basting Dome ($10) – You don’t need a giant basting dome to melt your cheese and blacken your meat. A small one will do the job just fine. This 9″ basting dome is made from a durable stainless steel, so it’s dishwasher ready.

You can get by with the basics, but the extras above really help with specialty jobs and consistent results.

A Variety of Cleaning Supplies

Grill stones and mesh grill cleaners
KP Solutions/Avant Grub

Yeah, there’s one big downside to owning a griddle. Cleaning can be a pain. Luckily, there are a ton of different cleaning products that are made specifically for griddles. Some of them are pretty inexpensive, but others (that are made for restaurants) can cost an arm and a leg.

What cleaning product should you buy? Well, it depends on your needs. Do you use the griddle a lot? Do you cook a lot of blackened food and cheese on the griddle? A heavy duty kitchen calls for heavy-duty cleaning supplies, but if you’re only cooking a few burgers or pancakes, you probably don’t need anything more than a griddle scraper or a stone.

  • KP Solutions Ecological Grilling Stone (2-Pack) ($12) – Make cleaning time easy-breezy with these environmentally friendly, non-toxic grilling stones. They’re like pumice stones, but for your greasy griddle.
  • Cuisinart Griddle Scraper ($15) – This large, ergonomic scraper speeds up cleaning time. Even the worst burnt spots will come off with ease. And since this scraper has a splash guard, you won’t flick any grease around the kitchen.
  • Avant Grub Grill Screens (40-Pack) ($11) – These grill screens are cheap and easy to use. They scrub away charred grease and carbon, and they won’t damage your cast iron griddle.
  • Scotch-Brite Quick Cleaning Griddle Kit ($70) – If you’re pumping out restaurant-quantities of food, then you need to clean with a restaurant-grade solution. This kit is packaged with 6 packs of Scotch-Brite cleaning solution, 6 sponge heads, a squeegee, and a sponge holder.

With a fresh cleaned and happy griddle, it’s time to look at where to park the thing when you’re not hard at work.

Heavy Duty Storage Solutions

A hard griddle cover and a griddle bag

If you’re afraid of rust and dust, then you should find a storage solution for your griddle. Generally, you’ll want to find a bag or a cover that’s water resistant, and maybe even portable. But if you leave your griddle on the stovetop, or you have a dedicated griddle in the kitchen, then you might just need a large dedicated cover that looks good in the kitchen.

Most griddle covers are made for outdoor and tabletop griddles, but you can realistically use them for any product. Just make sure to measure your griddle before buying a cover.

  • Blackstone 36″ Griddle Hard Cover ($80) – This hardcover is meant for outdoor griddles, but it can be used to protect a dedicated griddle in your kitchen as well. It’s made from stainless steel, and it protects your griddle from dirt and rust.
  • Blackstone 28″ Griddle Hard Cover ($70) – This is the smaller version of the 36″ Blackstone griddle cover. Again, it’s meant for outdoor griddles, but it would work well on a dedicated indoor griddle too.
  • Blackstone 17″ Table-Top Griddle Bag ($24) – This heavy duty griddle bag is perfect for storing or transferring a 17″ electric or stovetop griddle. It’s made from a water-resistant polyester, so you shouldn’t have to worry about dirt or moisture getting through.
  • Camp Chef 20″ x 31″ Griddle Bag ($20) – This medium-sized griddle bag should fit most two or three burner stovetop griddles. It’s made from a thick, water-resistant polyester, so it’s great for storing or transferring your griddle.

If you’ll be routinely storing your griddle in a pantry (or put away between camp sessions), a protective cover is a great extra to invest in.

Fashionable, Durable, and Utilitarian Aprons

Two black aprons
HOMWE/Hudson Durable Goods

Who’s gonna kiss a chef that’s covered in bacon grease and burnt cheese? If you’re serious about your wild griddle lifestyle, then you need an apron to keep you clean and fashionable.

There are more aprons on the market than atoms in the universe, so we’re going to focus on a small variety of aprons that should appeal to everyone. These aprons are a good mix of durability, fashion, and utilitarianism.

  • JoyFamily Chef Hat and Apron Set ($14) – Until you start wearing a stereotypical chef hat, nobody’s going to take your cooking skills seriously. Those eye-rolls and sly comments will disappear the minute you walk out looking like Chef Boyardee.  Feel free to add a European accent for extra authenticity.
  • Hudson Durable Goods Professional Chef Apron ($30) – Here’s a chef’s apron with all the additional features. A quick-release buckle, a durable fabric, a towel loop, and pockets for utensils. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the money.
  • HOMWE Adjustable Pinstripe Bib Apron ($12) – Show your guests that you have style with this pinstripe apron. It’s durable, pocketed, and fashionable. Plus, those vertical stripes are super slimming.

All told, we’ve covered a lot of ground here. If you’re serious about that griddle life you’ve got yourself a fine shopping list to work your way through—or, if you have friends and family that are always on the lookout for good gifts, you can point them at this article to ensure the next holiday gift session is filled with fun accessories.

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