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Great Deal: Get Razer’s “$200” Smart Glasses for Only $25

Who needs earbuds when your glasses have speakers built-in?


Remember those Razer Anzu smart glasses that came out a while back for $200? Polarized sunglasses with true wireless audio, a microphone, no RGB lights, and an extra set of blue light filtering lenses. They’re still available, and you can grab a pair today for only $25 on Woot.

Instead of getting the same boring frames or some Ray Bans, consider the Razer Anzu smart glasses for your next pair of shades. Most people skip smart glasses due to the lofty price, but you’re getting a steal in this case.

For what it’s worth, these didn’t stay at that excessive $200 price for long, and you can often find them for under $100. Still, getting a brand-new pair of smart glasses for $25 is unheard of. Choose between rectangle or round frames, and each pair comes with two sets of lenses.

A pair of smart glasses and extra lenses.

If the crazy $25 price sells out on Woot, you can pay a little more to get them at Amazon. So, what exactly are you getting from these ultra-affordable smart glasses?

Besides the thick temples that house a battery on each side, you’d never guess these are smart glasses without a closer look. The glasses come with 35% blue light filtering lenses out of the box, but owners can switch those out for 99% UVA/UVB polarized lenses that come free.

As for the “smart bits,” you won’t get a screen or anything inside a lens. Instead, these are headphone glasses for anything from gaming to working out or sitting at a desk while you work from home. Each side has its own speaker thanks to a Bluetooth 5.1 connection with a fast 60ms latency, meaning you shouldn’t get lag or glitches while enjoying your tunes.

These glasses have two speakers and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. There’s even a touch interface on the side for swiping between tracks, pausing music, or answering a call. Plus, they’re voice-assistant compatible.

Razer promises around five hours of audio playback, but that’ll vary based on volume levels. And finally, they’re IPX4 water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them in the rain. For only $25, this is an easy impulse buy, and even Amazon’s $50 price is a pretty good deal.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

Grab a pair of Razer's unique Anzu smart glasses with built-in speakers and two sets of frames for only $25 at Woot, or a little more from Amazon.

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