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Polestar 2 EV Gets More Performance With a $1,200 Software Update

You have to pay-to-play.

Polestar 2 EV in Cobalt Blue

Unfortunately, software-based performance and feature upgrades on vehicles are here to stay. Today, the Swedish carmaker Polestar announced a one-time fee for owners to unlock tons of extra performance on its Polestar 2 electric car.

The company confirmed its performance upgrade for the dual-motor (long-range) Polestar 2 for $1,195. The software update will unlock an additional 68 HP and 15 lb-ft of torque, bringing the car to 476 HP and 502 lb-ft, with a 0-60 time of just 4.2 seconds.

While that’s great, the update mainly focuses on the midrange, and owners will notice the biggest difference between 50-to-75 mph. Yes, the Polestar 2 is already a fast electric vehicle, but owners can pay to unlock additional speed and power.

Polestar performance software update on screen.

For what it’s worth, they aren’t the only ones taking part in this practice. Last month, we saw something similar from Mercedes-Benz, where owners can pay a yearly fee to unlock additional power. At least with Polestar, it’s a one-time fee, although we don’t know if it’ll transfer to a new owner when selling the vehicle.

In the announcement, Polestar mentions this over-the-air software upgrade unlocks improved performance, handling, responsiveness, and a new launch control mode. If that sounds worth $1,195, owners can buy the upgrade from the Polstar shop.

“Tell the world about your power boost. When ordering the performance software upgrade as an aftermarket download, you will also receive new door stickers with updated power information, plus a rank mark sticker for the car’s front grid.”

Once purchased, it’ll arrive as a quick software update for the vehicle you can do from home. Oddly enough, the company will also give owners new door stickers and a decal for the front grill for those that want to show off. It’s almost like putting a K&N sticker on your window. Only you didn’t add a physical performance part; the car already had the capability. You just had to pay for it.

If you have the Polestar 2 long-range and the extra funds, enjoy that power boost.

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