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Press Your Switch to Your Face with the Newest Labo Kit

Nintendo Switch with the Labo VR goggles

Have you ever pressed the Nintendo Switch against your face until your arms got tired? Well, now you can pay $80 to do it. Nintendo strap-less VR kits will hit the market on April 12th, 2019.

Let’s backtrack a little bit. If you haven’t heard, Nintendo’s super fun Labo kits are like mini engineering and programming games. When you first open up the Labo kit, you pull out a bunch of stenciled cardboard. But then you put the cardboard together (per the instructions), and you end up with planes, steering wheels, pianos, and fishing rods that can be used to play AR games.

Nintendo is taking things one step further with a line of VR Labo kits. But they aren’t like regular VR headsets, they’re themed like elephant trunks, rocket guns, and cameras. When you “wear” these Labo VR headsets, you sort of look like a rifle-faced creature, or someone that got a birdhouse stuck on their head. What’s even more strange is that they don’t have headstraps, they have handles (like the handles on a gun, or the lens of an SLR camera). This sounds really neat because every parent wants their kid to wildly spin around the room with a $300 tablet and a cardboard elephant mask.

Speaking of money, the full Labo VR kit costs $80. To be honest, that’s not a bad deal. The full kit includes 6 VR headsets, so you’re getting 6 time-consuming building projects and games for $14 each. And since you can program the Labo kits yourself in “Garage” mode, the possibilities are technically endless. Of course, you could go for the cheaper $40 “VR Goggles and Blaster” starter kit, and buy the $20 “Camera and Elephant” or “Bird and Wind Pedal” expansion packs at your discretion.

Even though this VR set sounds ridiculous and weird, it’s probably pretty fun. The other Labo kits (which are equally ridiculous), are genuinely good additions to the Nintendo Switch lineup. When the Labo VR kit is released on April 12th, we’ll just have to find out if it can live up to the Labo name.

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