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Have Your Most Organized and Productive Year With These Apps

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Maybe you’ve promised yourself this is the year you’ll get organized. Or maybe you’re making a New Year’s resolution to be more productive. Either way, congratulations! Setting a goal is the first step on your journey to make a positive change in your life.

The next step is getting the right routines and tools in place to achieve your goal. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps available to help you, and we’ve reviewed some of the best apps for organization and productivity to bring you a list of our favorites.

Best for To-Do Lists: Todoist

images show the interface of the Todoist app.

To-do lists are one of the best ways to stay on top of everything you have to do. Not only that, but few things are more satisfying than checking off tasks as you complete them. If you’re looking for a great to-do list app, you’ll want to check out Todoist for Android and iOS.

This powerful and user-friendly app helps keep more than 30 million people and teams on track. You can use Todoist to help you make and complete tasks on your to-do list every day. Some of our favorite features include the ability to add tasks to your list in just seconds and the option to set priority levels. You can also delegate tasks, which is great if you’re working with others, and set recurring due dates to help you build habits.

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Best Pomodoro-Inspired Timer: Engross

images show the interface of the Engross app.

The Pomodoro Technique has been growing in popularity among people who want to be more productive. The idea is that you work in focused, 25-minute intervals and then take a quick break. If you’d like to try this technique for yourself, many apps can help. However, we’re big fans of Engross for Android and iOS.

Engross includes a Pomodoro-inspired timer that you can customize as well as a stopwatch to help with your time management needs. These aren’t the only features of this app, though. You can maintain a daily routine by using the planner and calendar features and review statistics to track your work time and growth. We also find that the app block/app whitelist function is a great way to block out distractions during a work session.

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A Fun Approach to Staying Focused: Forest

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Staying focused can be a challenge, especially when there are so many interesting websites and apps to explore. If you find yourself having trouble staying on task, you might want to try an app to help. For a fun option, we recommend Forest for Android and iOS.

The way the app works is simple. You’ll plant a virtual tree when you want to stay focused on a task. As you work, your tree grows and thrives. However, if you leave the app before your task is finished, your tree will die. Over time, you can grow an entire virtual forest to see the fruits of your focus and labor. Best of all, Forest partners with Trees for the Future, a real-life organization that plants trees, and you can spend virtual coins to plant these real trees.

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Best for Tracking and Building Habits: Productive

images show the interface of the Productive app.
Productive Habit Tracker

Building a new habit can take anywhere from 18 days to nearly a year, depending on the person and the behavior. If you want to incorporate a new habit into your life, it can be hard to keep at it without a little help. Thankfully, the Productive app is available for Android and iOS.

This free and helpful habit tracker app can help you set goals and turn them into life-changing habits. We love that this app works both ways, as you can use it to start a new good habit or break an old bad one. You can view statistics to see how well you’re doing with your new habit and plan your day, and set reminders to keep you on track. The Productive app also features fun challenges to help you with habit formation.

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Best for Staying On Top of Chores: Sweepy

images show the interface of the Sweepy app.

Having a clean and organized home doesn’t just have to be a dream. Implementing a cleaning routine can help you keep your home looking great without those exhausting cleaning marathons. If you need help staying on top of your chores, Sweepy for Android and iOS is a great option.

This attractive and easy-to-use app allows you to set different cleaning tasks and assign them to different people in your household. You can set the difficulty of cleaning tasks and how often you should complete them. From there, you can track the cleanliness of each room and prioritize the tasks that you need to focus on first. Other great features that Sweepy offers include the ability to generate a schedule and different challenges to make chores fun.

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Best for Keeping Track of Family Member Schedules: FamilyWall

images show the interface of the FamilyWall app.

When you have a family, it can be a challenge to keep track of each person’s schedule. If you’re worried about missing a doctor’s appointment or a soccer game, an app can help you. We’ve found the FamilyWall app for Android and iOS helps keep it all straight.

Many people love using FamilyWall for its shared calendar feature that syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. However, that’s not all this app offers. It also includes shared to-do lists, a finance tracker, a grocery list, a meal planner, and even a family member locator. Additionally, you’ll find a photo and video album and a secure messaging system to keep in touch with the whole family.

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Best For Helping You Keep a Clear Head: Headspace

images show the interface of the Headspace app.

Keeping your to-do lists organized and your home clean can only do so much. To be truly organized and productive, you’ll need to have a clear mind. Meditation can help make this possible, and the Headspace app for Android and iOS makes meditation and mindfulness simple.

Headspace offers a wide variety of guided meditation sessions to help alleviate anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and build resilience. In addition to the courses, the app includes courses about topics related to mindfulness and meditation, as well as exercises to help you focus on self-care and stress reduction. It’s the perfect way to learn how to relax and find focus.

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