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Bring the Holidays to Life With Lumary’s Stunning Smart Lights

A front yard filled with Christmas decorations and Lumary lighting string lights

When designing the ideal holiday display for your front yard, you need something that produces vivid colors and bright whites while also withstanding the elements. Lumary, a smart home automation and LED smart lighting company with 20 years in the business, checks all the necessary boxes with its line of outdoor Wi-Fi-enabled string lights, spotlights, and floodlights. Each are powered by RGBAI, Lumary’s proprietary technology that allows multiple colors to appear on one strand at one time for more dynamic lighting and truer, complementary colors.

Lumary’s selection of LED floodlights and accent lighting are made to last. Each bulb and individual lamp is resistant to high and low temperatures, making these RGBAI lights perfect for all climates. From individual bulbs to the aluminum alloy casing of the dual-antenna floodlight, Lumary’s lights are made from high-grade materials to prevent easy breakage. For an added layer of protection during inclement weather, each long-lasting LED smart light features a waterproof control box.

There are four signature LED smart lights that link to your Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled devices for streamlined integration and that you can control via the official Lumary app (on Apple and Android devices). When paired together, they can create full scenes of twinkling lights, pulsating colors, or static spectrums to safely light your path.

A living room filled with lavish Christmas decorations and Lumary lights

Lumary Wi-Fi Smart Dual-Antenna LED Floodlight

Illuminate your yard and add a touch of safety with Lumary’s dual-antenna LED floodlight. The dual-antenna, Wi-Fi-compatible light features a stronger signal transmission distance that’s amplified more than 1.5 times to help prevent connectivity issues. It also shines at up to 1,200 lumens, or about 12 times as bright as a standard household flashlight. It’s simple to install with the included adjustable holder and 3.9-foot power cable. With no messy wires, you won’t have to clutter up your home to enjoy the brilliance of this versatile floodlight.

Lumary WiFi Smart Dual Antenna LED Floodlight

Lumary’s Wi-Fi enabled floodlight is capable of illuminating a yard with its 1,200 lumens, smart home integration, and Wi-Fi signal amplification.

Lumary RGBAI Wi-Fi Outdoor Bulb String Lights (56 Feet)

Dress up your outdoor space and decorate your home with Lumary’s RGBAI Wi-Fi outdoor bulb string lights. This strand of 22AWG security cable measures 56 feet and is capable of producing over 16 million stunning colors across 15 bulbs. Set a scene with your other Lumary LED lights and bask in the soft glow of reds, blues, greens, pinks, and so much more. You can even sync them to music for a fun party atmosphere. Each bulb is completely waterproof and shatterproof, and bulbs are independent of one another. If one burns out, the rest remain lit and can still be customized until you find a replacement.

Lumary RGBAI Wi-Fi Outdoor Bulb String Lights (56 feet)

Add a colorful aesthetic to your outdoor spaces with 56-feet of Wi-Fi enabled RGBAI smart bulbs.

Lumary RGBAI Wi-Fi Outdoor Bulb String Lights (100 Feet)

Create the aesthetic you want for your personal space with this string of Lumary RGBAI Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled LED string lights. Powered by advanced parallel connection technology, you can customize 30 different bulbs on this 100-foot strand to turn your outdoor space from bland to an eye-catching spectacle. Connect with the official Lumary app to set a timer, customize individual bulbs with RGBAI technology, and set scenes to match seasons, holidays, and other occasions.

Lumary RGBAI Wi-Fi Outdoor Bulb String Lights (100 feet)

Brighten up your outdoor space with 30 Wi-Fi-enabled RGBAI smart bulbs, capable of creating a dynamic colorful ambiance.

Lumary Smart LED RGBAI Outdoor Landscape Lights

Uplighting adds an air of elegance to most homes, and this set of Lumary outdoor smart landscape lights can help improve your property’s curb appeal. Six LED smart lights can be staked into the ground and angled for an attractive addition to any landscaped yard. Though the lights are rated to last up to 15,000 hours, you can set a timer and schedule through the Lumary app so these vibrant lights only come on when needed, increasing their longevity.

Lumary Smart LED RGBAI Outdoor Landscape Lights

Add uplighting to your home and landscaping with this colorful assortment of Lumary RGBAI landscape lights.

Illuminate Your Life with Lumary

When connected together via the Lumary app, the floodlight, landscape lights, and string lights can take your home from ordinary to lavish. Customize your lighting for added security or create an inviting ambiance with each Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled RGBAI set.

Lumary specializes in designing premium connected smart home products. With an emphasis on technology and R&D, they engineer every item with consumers in mind, integrating intelligent voice assistants, smartphone apps, quick and easy installation, and the latest innovations to deliver higher-quality user experiences. Just like the rising sun in their company logo suggests, they are dedicated to pushing the smart home industry forward for years to come.

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