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Here’s When Raspberry Pis Will Be Back In Stock

Unfortunately, supply increases will be accompanied by price hikes.

A set of Raspberry Pi 4 computers on a production line.
Raspberry Pi Foundation

After two years of poor availability, Raspberry Pi computers should be easy to purchase in 2023. The Raspberry Pi Foundation says that it’s allocated enough silicon to meet the demands of both individual buyers and big businesses. Plus, a supply of over “a hundred thousand” Pi computers will flood the market for the 2022 holiday season.

This is a huge accomplishment for the Pi Foundation, which has struggled to sell anything but Pi Pico and Pi W computers since 2020. Availability for powerful boards like the Pi 4 should increase through the coming months, and the Pi Foundation expects to reach its pre-pandemic supply around Q2 of 2023—sometime between April and June.

Unfortunately, this resupply comes with a caveat. Nearly every component that goes into a Raspberry Pi computer, from the silicon to the PCB, is more expensive than it was in 2020. The Raspberry Pi Foundation already operates on low margins, and it cannot sell these items at a loss. So, a price increase is in order.

The 2GB variant of the Raspberry Pi 4 will return to its original price of $45 (a $10 price increase). Pricing for the Pi Zero and Pi Zero W will increase by $5, meaning that they will cost $10 and $15, respectively. And all variants of the Compute Module 4 will receive a $5 price hike.

If you’re trying to buy a Raspberry Pi computer, I suggest keeping an eye on rpilocator. It’s a very simple tool that lists which Pi computers are in stock.

Source: The Raspberry Pi Foundation

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