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Google’s Blob Opera Returns for a ‘Guitar Hero’ Styled Game

an image of Google's 'Blob Beats' game.

Two years after debuting the Blob Opera, an AI-assisted music generator, Google still can’t let go of its gooey little characters. And we’re all the better for it—the Blobs are back in a new Guitar Hero-styled game called Blob Beats.

The objective of Blob Beats is pretty straightforward. Notes fall from the top of the screen, prompting you to press one of four keys on your keyboard. Each note contributes to your score, and each level presents a new challenge.

Like Blob Opera, the new Blob Beats features a ton of remixed classical music. But this time, the music sounds like it belongs in an arcade game. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Fur Elise with an 8-bit backbeat, this is the game for you.

You can play Blob Beats for free at the Google Arts & Culture website. Additionally, Google just debuted a game called Beethoven Beats, which teaches you about how Beethoven used rhythm in his legendary compositions.

Source: Google

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