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Deal Alert: Get an Additional 10% When You Add Funds to Your Apple ID

iPhone X

Apple makes it easy to buy new apps, albums, movies, and iCloud storage. But let’s be real, nobody wants to pay full price for digital content. Hey, wouldn’t it be super cool if Apple started giving away free money?

Well, that’s kind of happening right now. From now until March 14th, Apple will match 10% when you add funds to your Apple ID. This deal is limited to additions of $200, so you can’t eek anymore than $20 out of Apple. But hey, even an addition of $100 will net you a free $10 in Apple funds.

It’s super easy to add funds to your Apple ID. You can do it from your iPhone Settings page, or through the Account window on iTunes. There’s a good chance that your credit or debit card is already linked up to your Apple ID, so you shouldn’t run into any trouble adding funds.

If you want to get the most out of this free money, then you might want to wait for a good deal to turn up in the App Store, or for Apple to run a discount on extra iCloud storage. Of course, you could just spend that money from the get-go. It’s free money.

Source: 9to5Toys

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