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This App Turns Your Every Conversation Into Memes

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Live Awake Inc.

A new app that takes your meme game to the next level has debuted in the top spot on the iOS App Store this week. Memix (iOS, Android) lets you create and share memes quickly and easily across multiple platforms. And it can even transform your entire text conversations into meme form.

When you open the app, you’ll see a selection of the latest popular memes and a field to type your text into, allowing you to create the perfect meme for any occasion. And there are hundreds of memes across multiple categories to choose from. You can select memes by mood, like “excited” and “celebrate,” content like “pets” and “signs,” or communication styles like “shouting” and “mocking.” There are even time-specific meme categories such as “holiday” and “World Cup.”

Three images of the Memix meme creator.
Live Awake Inc.

Once you’ve selected your meme and text, the program generates an animated GIF of your creation to share on any messaging platform. You can share memes on Instagram, Reddit, WhatsApp, TikTok, and IRL directly from the app. Additionally, you can save your GIF meme to your camera roll to share anywhere else you like.

What’s even better is that you can integrate Memix into iMessage and quickly create context-specific memes in any conversation. All you have to do is enable the app in your iMessage settings. Android users can also use integrate memes into their messages. Prepare to have entire text conversations entirely in memes.

Memix was designed by the same team behind the social messaging platform IRL: Live Awake Inc. CEO Abraham Shafi described the app’s success: “Memes are units of culture shared amongst friends and communities. Before Memix, even if you had the perfect idea for a meme, you had to hunt down a template or hit up your meme-genius friend. It was too much work for the average person.” He added, “With Memix, you can do it right there in the chat instantly.”

The Memix app is available on iOS and Android, and you can create memes on the web at Memix.com.

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