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Amazon’s Astro Finally Got a Good Review … From iFixit

Amazon Astro on a white background.

In iFixit’s final teardown video of the year, Shahram Mokhtari disassembled the Amazon Aastro. The dog-like robot was initially envisioned as a home security device but has gained many more functions. Amazon hopes Astro will become a smarthome hub and maybe even a companion for its human owners.

Since Astro isn’t available for sale to the general public yet, getting a look at its innards is a rare treat. In the video, Mokhtari admits that Astro isn’t very good at being “an echo on wheels” but points out that it excels at mapping your home. However, measuring the accuracy of a robot in beta testing isn’t the point of the video. Stripping it down to its wires is.

Once Mokhtari powered down the Astro and began disassembling the device, he was pleased to find some exposed screws that let him easily pop off the plastic paneling. It took him just a few minutes to find the battery pack. He also got the wheels off easily but encountered some glue holding some of the components together, which he dubbed the video’s “first repair fail.” However, that was the only repair failure he found throughout the video.

The rest of the video shows him easily taking the Astro apart and examining its components. He uncovered proximity sensors, batteries, brushless motors, speakers, fans, motherboards, and more. He found that Astro is constructed in easily removable modules, thus making it very repairable.

When Mokhtari put Astro back together, he commented that Astro is “repairable and surprisingly well organized for such a complex device.” He went on to state that while he can’t speak for its utility, the Astro has a bright future as a repairable robot companion. So long as Amazon provides the part, which he admits is unlikely.

The video ends with Mokhtari proclaiming Astro “one of the greatest robots to grace our screens.”

Source: iFixit

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