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Tesla Releases a Ridiculous $300 Wireless Charger

That's one expensive Cybertruck-inspired phone charger.

Tesla Cybertruck-style wireless charging pad.

Elon Musk is no stranger to releasing odd products, from expensive Tesla sipping glasses to Boring Company Burnt Hair scented cologne. This week, Tesla released a fancy new wireless phone charging pad inspired by the Cybertruck, but it’ll cost an eye-watering $300.

The all-new “Tesla Wireless Charging Platform” is a high-end wireless charging pad perfect for your smartphone, earbuds, smartwatch, and more. And while it’s ridiculously expensive, it looks stylish and has plenty of power.

According to Tesla, the new charger is “inspired by the angular design and metallic styling of Cybertruck.” So while you can’t actually buy the truck yet, you can at least spend a pretty penny charging all your gadgets.

Tesla's new Wireless Charging Platform

As you can see from the images, Tesla’s wireless charger packs a sleek aluminum design, the Tesla logo front and center, and plenty of power to charge three devices simultaneously. Plus, the company went with a soft Alcantara fabric finish to keep your devices scratch-free.

So, what do you get from a $300 Tesla wireless charging pad:

  • Wireless Charging Platform
  • USB-C cable integrated with wireless charger
  • 65W USB-C power adapter
  • Magnetic detachable stand

The entire platform surface works as a Qi wireless charging pad, meaning you can easily set down any device, and it’ll start charging. According to the product page, it’ll charge devices with 15W of power and can charge three devices at the same time.

We like that the stand is detachable, perfect for those that want to lay the charging pad flat on a desktop. That said, this thing is wildly expensive for what it has to offer. You can find similar products from popular brands like Satechi. Samsung provides a quality three-device wireless charging pad for under $70, and there are even more for as low as $40 on Amazon.

Grab Tesla’s new charger from the link below if you’re a die-hard Tesla fan, have a shiny new Cybertruck on pre-order, or have money burning a hole in your pocket.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Get Tesla’s all-new wireless charging pad inspired by the Cybertruck. Then, quickly charge all your gadgets at once.

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