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Waze May Warn You About Dangerous Roads in the Future

It'll tell you when a road has a "history of crashes."

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Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps, preferred by many over Google and Apple Maps, and with good reason. Waze has several excellent features, and now the company is testing a way to warn drivers of dangerous roads with a “history of crashes.”

Google, who owns Waze, recently announced it’ll combine the teams working on Google Maps and Waze but promised we’d keep getting new features. And if the latest beta feature rolls out to everyone, Waze will get a significant upgrade that could potentially help save lives.

Instead of just giving users driving directions and warning them about traffic, cops, and accidents on the road, what if Waze could tell you if the road you’re on is a dangerous one?

Spotted by GeekTimeWaze is testing a new feature in the beta channel that alerts drivers to specific roads that have a history of crashes. If you’re on a typically dangerous road, that’s important information, and Waze will share it with users.

Roads deemed as high-risk are colored red on the map, but it’ll be a different shade than the red you see when there’s a traffic jam ahead. This way, drivers can quickly glance at the app and know if they’re on a dangerous road, and if so, use a little extra caution.

It’s worth mentioning that this is only available to beta testers in select regions, but something this helpful will likely arrive everywhere eventually. That said, we could see slight changes to the interface, or the red streets, as the company tries to give as much information as possible without clogging up the screen.

Considering how much information Waze already populates on the map and navigation route, adding a clean way to alert drivers of dangerous roads isn’t going to be easy. But if you’re driving along and suddenly the road goes red, that sounds like a great way to add some caution to a route.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details or if the beta expands to more regions. Then, we’re hopeful this feature will arrive for everyone soon.

via AndroidPolice

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