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Amazon Delivery Drones Take to the Sky in Two States

Drone delivering parcel with Amazon logo

After years of testing and regulatory hurdles, Amazon delivery drones are finally taking to the skies in Texas and California. Residents of Lockeford, CA, and College Station, TX, can now receive small airborne packages from the online retail giant.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave Amazon the green light to start delivering packages via drone back in August, paving the way for Amazon Prime Air to launch in the two cities this month. The drones can deliver parcels up to five pounds, which covers 85% of Amazon’s shipments.

When an Amazon Prime Air customer orders an airborne delivery, the company verifies that it can safely deliver the parcel and sends an estimated delivery time and tracking information. A drone will then fly to the designated delivery location, descend to a safe distance, drop the package in the customer’s backyard, and return to its previous altitude.

Amazon uses the hexagonal MK27-2 delivery drone for package delivery. It has six propellers, is designed to minimize high-frequency sound, and is autonomous. But, for now, Amazon is using human beings to track deliveries made by drones.

Source: Ars Technica


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