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Samsung’s Latest Smart Fridge Packs a 32-inch Touchscreen

Perfect for following recipes or playing games.

Samsung Family Hub Plus smart fridge

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators are a bit of a novelty, packing giant touchscreens that double as a smart hub or tablet. With the new Family Hub Plus fridge, Samsung added an even bigger 32-inch touchscreen for making shopping lists, following a recipe, or doomscrolling through TikTok.

While the previous model had a 21-inch screen to display content, browse the web, or control SmartThings devices, this latest model is bigger and better. And while I’m still not sure if anyone actually needs a smart fridge, if you want one, Samsung has you covered.

The company will officially announce the smart Fridge and all its features (and we assume pricing) at CES in early 2023. We know that with a bigger screen, it’ll have support for Google Photos, more apps, and OneDrive integration.

Samsung Family Hub Plus fridge display

The big new Samsung Family Hub Plus fridge includes the free Samsung TV Plus service, delivering around 190 TV channels in the U.S. and 80+ in South Korea through the Samsung TV Plus app. Yes, this means you’ll be able to stream TV channels from the kitchen while you wait for that ground beef to brown in a pan.

With a new 32-inch vertical touchscreen display, the massive screen doubles as a perfect place to use other Android apps. More specifically, thanks to the vertical orientation, it’ll perfectly handle the interface for TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, letting owners doomscroll their favorite social media content or follow along with a new recipe. In fact, one owner managed to play Doom on his Samsung fridge.

In a press release, Samsung even mentioned a new picture-in-picture (PiP) mode so you can read a recipe on the screen while playing a YouTube video in a floating window. Users can access and play photos and videos from Google Photos or even upload pictures to display as a collage through the companion app called “Samsung Bespoke Atelier.”

And finally, in addition to controlling stuff with Samsung’s SmartThings, the Family Hub Plus supports Amazon’s Your Essentials service, which lets users order groceries from the Fridge display. We’ll learn more next month, but expect it to cost upwards of $3,200.

via Engadget

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