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Samsung Shows Off Monitor That Folds and Rolls at CES

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CES 2023 will bring a lot of cool concept devices this year. One of the first is Samsung’s Flex Hybrid display. This 17-inch screen combines two of the latest technologies, folding and rolling. So, it would be a game changer if it ever makes it into production.

Samsung describes the display as “the prototype of future laptops.” So, it’s clear that they intend to implement the technology into portable computers. The monitor measures 10.5 inches in its normal state, and the left side folds onto the right. If users want to expand to a wide-screen experience, the right side of the monitor expands to make the screen as large as 17.3 inches.

Samsung is featuring two variations of the Flex Hybrid at CES this year: the Flex Solo and the Flex Duet. The Flex Solo will expand in only one direction (to the right), and the Flex Duet will expand in both directions. The aspect ratio of the devices is 4:3 in its 10-inch state, and when extended to 12.4 inches or larger, the aspect ratio becomes 16:10.

The combination of these two technologies will be a massive breakthrough if it makes it off the showroom floor. Although Samsung showing it off at CES means they’re excited about the new tech, this kind of concept device often never makes it into consumers’ hands.

Source: Samsung Display

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