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Nanoleaf Unveils Its Most Ambitious Smart Lighting Products

A TV surrounded by Nanoleaf shapes and other lighting effects.

It seems that 2023 will be a big year for Nanoleaf. The smart lighting company just debuted some outrageously cool (and Matter-compatible) products at CES, including a “learning” light switch and a TV bias light that can sync with other Nanoleaf products.

The headlining product here is Nanoleaf Sense+, a light switch that learns your preferences to automate common tasks. If you regularly change the color or brightness of your lighting throughout the day, Sense+ will eventually learn to perform these tasks for you. The Sense+ also contains built-in motion and ambient lighting sensors, so it can turn on your lights when you enter a room.

Nanoleaf Sense+ is technically a trio of products—a hardwired Smart Light Switch, a Wireless Smart Light Switch remote control, and a Nala Learning Bridge (which plugs into an outlet). The Nala Learning Bridge, which plugs into an outlet, doubles as a Thread Border Router and a nightlight.

As for the Nanoleaf 4D—well, it’s a pretty interesting bias light. Like the Govee Immersion, the Nanoleaf 4D uses a small camera to track the colors on your TV’s screen. These colors are reproduced by a Lightstrip, which adheres to the back of your TV. (The Lightstrip has 50 distinct lighting zones, so it should look pretty detailed when reproducing on-screen colors or displaying your favorite Scene).

Here’s the kicker; the Nanoleaf 4D supports Sync+. That means you can sync other Nanoleaf products with your TV bias lighting, turning your entire room into an immersive lighting experience. This feature sounds a bit too distracting for my taste, but I love the idea.

And then there’s the Nanoleaf Skylight. At a glance, it’s just a smart light fixture for your ceiling. But this sucker is modular. It’s a bunch of square lighting panels that you can arrange into tons of weird and wacky shapes, and it sits flush with the ceiling.

The Nanoleaf 4D TV Kit launches in Q2 with two length options (55″-65″ and 70″-80″). The Sense+ and Skylight arrive in Q3. Pricing for these products is unknown, though they all support Matter. Additionally, Nanoleaf says that Shapes, Elements, Canvas, and Lines products will receive a Matter upgrade later this year.

Source: Nanoleaf

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