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How to Add MagSafe to Android Phones

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S21 with the MagSafe logo on its backside.
Justin Duino / Review Geek

There’s nothing wrong with a little phone envy. But if you’re an Android user, there’s no reason to be jealous of the iPhone’s MagSafe capabilities. You can add MagSafe to any Android phone—it’s a quick and easy task, and it opens the door to hundreds of useful magnetic accessories.

Note: The upcoming Qi2 charging standard, which debuts in late 2023, is based on Apple’s MagSafe. So, future Android phones that are Qi2-certified should work with MagSafe accessories.

How Does MagSafe Work?

The MagSafe standard is an extension of Qi wireless charging technology. And the idea is pretty straightforward; Apple basically stuck a ring of magnets around the iPhone’s wireless charging coil. These magnets can adhere to MagSafe chargers and accessories, which also contain a circle of magnetic material.

What’s the point of all these magnets? Well, MagSafe ensures that your phone and wireless charger are perfectly aligned. Apple and the WPC say that this perfect alignment increases wireless charging efficiency. In other words, less electricity is wasted, and you always get the fastest possible charging speed.

Of course, MagSafe isn’t just a charging standard. You can buy a MagSafe wallet and stick it to the back of your phone, for example, or slap your phone on a convenient MagSafe mount while driving.

Thankfully, Android users can enjoy the benefits of MagSafe. All you need is a MagSafe adapter, which may come in the form of a protective case or adhesive ring. (These accessories won’t add wireless charging to your phone, by the way.)

The Best Option: A MagSafe-Compatible Case

Peak Design's MagSafe-compatible cases for Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy.
Peak Design

If you own a relatively new Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy phone, I strongly suggest buying a case that supports MagSafe. Cases from companies like Peak Design and Moment are engineered for magnetic charging and magnetic accessories. They ensure that you get a strong, reliable, and properly-aligned connection with any MagSafe products.

Now, I’m partial to Peak Design’s cases. Not only do Peak Design cases support MagSafe, but they work with Peak Design’s excellent mounting system. Peak Design sells tripods, bike mounts, and other awesome accessories for these cases, and the addition of MagSafe is just icing on the cake.

But if you’d like something a little prettier (or better for photography), Moment’s (M)Force cases might be the way to go. They’re simple, rugged, and support MagSafe. They also work with a range of Moment photography accessories, but unfortunately, the selection of (M)Force cases is quite small.

Note that Peak Design and Moment also sell universal MagSafe adapters for Android phones. These adapters stick to your existing phone case, so installation can require a bit of guesswork.

Peak Design Cases

These Peak Design cases add MagSafe compatibility and a custom Peak Design mounting system to your Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Phones!

Moment (M)Force Cases

Add MagSafe to your Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy phone using Moment’s (M)Force cases!

Super Affordable: Stick On a Magnetic Ring

Sticking the Mophie Snap adapter on a Samsung phone.
Mophie Snap

If you can’t use a MagSafe case with your Android phone, you could always try an adhesive adapter. Both Peak Design and Moment sell such adapters, but there are plenty of simple alternatives, such as the affordable and slim Mophie Snap.

But these stick-on solutions can be a bit annoying. You need to align them with your phone’s wireless charging coil, otherwise you’ll run into problems when using wireless chargers. (Of course, the alignment doesn’t matter if you don’t care about wireless charging.)

And, in my experience, metal rings like Mophie Snap can be a bit uncomfortable. They’re thick enough to be noticeable, and their adhesive underside can be a magnet for lint, dust, and grime. That’s why a MagSafe case is usually ideal.

That said, if you don’t mind fidgeting with an adhesive MagSafe adapter, it’s worth the trouble. It’ll give you the MagSafe experience you’re searching for.

Mophie Snap Adapter

Add MagSafe to any Android phone using Mophie's Snap adapter!

Future Android Phones Will Have MagSafe, Sorta

The Qi2 logo over Apple MagSafe chargers.
WPC, Apple

Your next Android phone might have MagSafe built-in. Well, not MagSafe, but the new Qi2 wireless charging standard. Announced at CES 2023, the Qi2 platform builds upon MagSafe and makes magnetism a core part of the wireless charging experience.

According to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), MagSafe ensures a perfect alignment between phones and wireless chargers. This increases charging efficiency, and by extension, it opens the door to increases in charging speed. (Unfortunately, the WPC hasn’t shared the maximum charging speed for Qi2 devices.)

And like MagSafe, the Qi2 standard isn’t just for charging. It will support a host of accessories, similar to the MagSafe accessories that are currently available for iPhone.

If you’re a patient person, you may want to skip the MagSafe adapters for now. You’ll eventually own an Android phone that supports MagSafe out the box.

The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone of 2023

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Apple MagSafe Charger
Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe
Best MagSafe Stand
Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe
iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount
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iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount
MyCharge Superhero MagLock Power Bank
Best MagSafe Battery Pack
MyCharge Superhero MagLock Power Bank
MOFT Snap-on Wallet
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MOFT Snap-on Wallet
Joby GripTight Tripod Mount
Best Magsafe Camera Tripod
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