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Twinkly’s Entertainment Hub Turns Your Lights Into a “Screen”

The Twinkly Entertainment Hub software running on a desktop computer.

Twinkly is best known for its Christmas lights. But the company’s upcoming desktop software, called the Entertainment Hub, could help it escape from the holiday season. The Entertainment Hub promises to sync Twinkly animated lights with audiovisual content, or even turn your lights into a “screen.”

At a glance, the Entertainment Hub looks like a full-screen interface for Twinkly lights. But it’s more than just a simple app. The Entertainment Hub actually uses your computer’s processing power to control Twinkly smart lights.

The defining feature here, surprisingly, is screen mirroring. The Entertainment Hub lets you mirror movies, games, and other onscreen content to your Twinkly lights—it turns your lights into a “screen.” Theoretically, you could use this feature watch a movie on a set of Twinkly Curtains (but the resolution would be abysmal).

The Twinkly Entertainment Hub software running on a laptop.

Entertainment Hub also boasts an advanced audio synchronization mode, which is “more responsive” than the music sync settings on other smart lights. Plus, Entertainment Hub supports keyboard commands for real-time light control, and it can sync with external RGBfy products.

Of course, Twinkly isn’t the only company to pursue this kind of technology. Brands like Philips Hue and Nanoleaf also allow users to sync their smart lights with onscreen content. And gamers can achieve a similar effect with Razer Chroma, which is supported by a few smart lighting brands.

Pricing for the Twinkly Entertainment Hub is unknown. We’re not sure when this product will launch, but we assume that it will arrive before Christmas of 2023.

Source: Twinkly

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