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New Google Assistant Bug Might Keep You up All Night

Google Nest on a bedside table.
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Google Assistant offers a lot of nifty conveniences that make your life easier. But, in the past few days, many users have reported that one of the most-used features isn’t working correctly: the sleep timer.

The sleep timer is supposed to shut off the media you’re listening to, like music, podcasts, and audiobooks, after a predetermined time. But, as some users on the Google Nest forum report, the music keeps playing once that time has elapsed. The issue has persisted for about a month, according to posters.

What’s worse is that Google Assistant appears to accept the voice command to set a sleep timer. When users think a command has been received and get in bed, once the timer elapses and music keeps playing, they either have to get out of bed and turn it off manually or allow the music to play through the night while they sleep.

Our Editor in Chief, Josh Hendrickson, independently confirmed the buggy sleep timer on his personal Google device. He says, “it accepts the command, says it sets a timer. But, it doesn’t stop the music.”

Google is aware of the problem with the sleep timer and has acknowledged that it is working on a fix in a tweet response to a customer complaint about the bug.

While it is an inconvenience, there are some methods to solve this problem while Google works on a fix. The first is to set a sleep timer manually in the application you’re listening to. Google Play Music has had its own sleep timer since 2016. And another is to set up a Google Home household routine to automatically shut off any media playing after a specific time.

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