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7 Reasons You Need to Get a Goodreads Account Now

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Are you an avid reader? Or did you make a New Year’s resolution to read more this year? If so, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to get lost in a good book. You might think you’re all set if you have a library card and eReader. However, even with these bookworm essentials, you’re still missing something: a Goodreads account.

To help you achieve your reading goals and have the best experience possible, we’re explaining what Goodreads is and highlighting seven reasons you need to sign up for a free account today.

What Is Goodreads?

Before we start highlighting all the benefits of Goodreads, it makes sense to talk about what this service is. When you go straight to the source, you’ll learn “Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.”

This sentence succinctly explains the function of Goodreads, but the platform is so much more than a place to get book recommendations. It’s a site where you can connect with your friends and other readers. It’s somewhere to keep track of the books you’ve read and loved. It’s also one of the best places to see book reviews to find out if a classic or a new release is a good fit for you.

Simply put, there’s a lot to love about Goodreads. If you’re still unsure whether you need a free Goodreads account, the following reasons might convince you.

1. Goodreads Will Inspire You to Read More

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What motivates you is as unique as you are. You might be someone who thrives on competition or tackling a challenge. Or maybe checking things off on a list and seeing your progress motivates you. Either way, having a Goodreads account can motivate you to make this the year you read more than ever before.

If you’re someone who loves a challenge, Goodreads allows you to challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in a year. The number you pick is up to you, and you can look at what other members of the Goodreads community have selected for their goal (hello, competition!).

Goodreads offers motivational tools that appeal to those who love seeing those check marks of completion. You can indicate when you’ve finished a book and go back to see everything you’ve read since you’ve started filling out your Goodreads account. As the number of books grows, so will your motivation.

2. Goodreads Can Help You Discover New Favorites

an image shows the Goodreads Reading Recommendations page.

There’s only one downside to finishing a really good book. It can be difficult to find one that will live up to it. Not to worry though. Goodreads makes it easier to find your next read by providing book recommendations based on what you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Goodreads offers an entire section of the website that’s dedicated to book recommendations that are tailored to your preferences. Your recommendations improve as you rate more books, select your favorite genres, and mark books you don’t like as “Not Interested.”

Another great way to find new favorites is to explore the “Readers Also Enjoyed” selections for each book as well as search for books by genre and explore the new releases.

3. Goodreads Makes Reading a Social Endeavor

an image shows the Goodreads Groups page.

Most people think that reading is a solitary pursuit unless they join a book club. However, Goodreads can give you the best of both worlds because you can friend and follow other readers. You can see what they’re reading now and how they’ve rated the books they’ve read in the past.

And speaking of book clubs, Goodreads offers plenty of groups and discussions that allow you to connect with other readers. Some of these take the form of virtual book clubs while others are designed more to share suggestions and other thoughts.

4. Goodreads Allows You to Connect With Authors

an image shows the Ask the Author page on the Goodreads website.

Asking your favorite author a question might seem like a dream, but Goodreads can make it a reality. That’s because Goodreads makes it possible to connect with both everyday readers and famous authors. In the Ask the Author section, you can ask questions to any of the listed authors.

A great way to get started is to explore the “Featured Authors.” However, you can also see if any of the “Authors You Follow” are accepting questions.

5. Goodreads Hosts Giveaways for Get Free Books

an image shows the Goodreads Giveaways page.

The only thing that’s better than reading a book is reading a book that you got for free. The library is a great source for free books, but it’s not the only way. Goodreads routinely features giveaways that give free books to the winners.

You always have plenty of opportunities to win free books in the Giveaways section. Authors and publishers sponsor these giveaways. All you have to do to have a chance to be among the lucky winners is enter.

6. Goodreads Offers Freebies for Bookworms

an image shows the Goodreads Freebies page.

Giveaways aren’t the only way to get free books from Goodreads. The Goodreads Freebies section is another place to look for books that won’t put a dent in your bank account. This section contains books from a wide variety of genres and authors that are completely free.

Additionally, some other books may give you the option to download an excerpt to see if you want to read more. This is a great way to see if you want to commit to buying and reading the entire book without spending a dime.

7. Goodreads Can Sync With Your Kindle

A Kindle eReader sits on a white background.

If you want to make the most of your Kindle, a Goodreads account can help you do it. The beauty of syncing your Goodreads account with your Kindle is that you can seamlessly keep a reading record, rate books, and receive personalized recommendations.

To connect to your Goodreads, you’ll just need to hit the home icon on your Kindle and select the menu button. From there, you’ll select Settings, followed by Your Account, and then Social Network. For the final step, you’ll select Goodreads. After that, you can start reaping the benefits of Goodreads.

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