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New Apple TV Update Shuns Android Users

Those with older iOS devices are left behind, too.

The Apple TV 4k streaming box and Siri Remote.

We have bad news if you own and enjoy the Apple TV but prefer Android over iOS. Apple recently released another tvOS 16 update, but over the weekend, several users realized the only way to accept the new iCloud terms and conditions and use all of its features is with an updated iOS device.

It looks like Apple expects everyone to have an updated, modern iPhone or iPad to use the Apple TV. That’s because a pop-up asks owners to use iOS 16 to accept the latest changes or update their Apple ID settings.

Apple TV new terms popup.

It’s worth noting that most people with an Apple TV likely use Apple’s entire ecosystem, so this isn’t going to be a problem for many. However, it’s still a frustrating issue that doesn’t make much sense.

To make matters worse, it’s not just Android users getting left behind. According to 9to5Mac, even if you happen to own something like a MacBook Pro or an older iPad, you could get stuck too. That’s because the tvOS 16 update doesn’t allow accepting terms with a Mac, and some older iPads aren’t on iOS 16.

Owners can still set up an Apple TV, make purchases, join a streaming subscription, and install apps just fine. However, with tvOS 16, things are changing a bit. Users are getting a similar prompt to “update Apple ID settings,” requiring a device with iOS 16, causing issues for some.

You can dismiss the prompt for now. Plus, it looks like anyone experiencing this problem can sign out of their iCloud account, sign back in, then accept the terms on the TV itself. That said, we’re wondering if this is a sign of things to come or a software issue that’ll get fixed soon.

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