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Apple May Have Given Up on AR Glasses

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Apple may never release a pair of augmented reality glasses. So reports Mark Gurman of Bloomberg this week. Gurman often delivers Apple rumors—with a mixed track record of accuracy. According to Gurman, technical challenges to creating affordable AR glasses are too much for the computer giant.

Citing unnamed sources, Gurman claims that Apple is diverting research and development resources toward a lower-cost version of its upcoming mixed-reality headset. The long-rumored VR headset is reported to cost between $2,000 and $3,000 and may be announced as early as this spring.

Gurman speculates that the resource shift indicates that Apple faces significant headwinds in the AR/VR space and that producing consumer-friendly augmented reality glasses is at least years away for the company. And that the iPhone maker may never produce such a device at all.

However, Gurman goes on to state that Apple views AR glasses as a device that could replace the iPhone as a user’s primary device, as notifications, map directions, phone calls, and more can be taken right from their face rather than a handheld unit. And that although making such a device remains a long-term goal for Apple, many within the company doubt the company will ever bring it to market.

Source: Bloomberg

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