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The Kindle Scribe Is No Match for Onyx’s Massive New eReader

The Onyx BOOX Tab X ereader with its kickstand and stylus.

Before Amazon launched the Kindle Scribe, people who wanted to use a stylus-equipped eReader had to shop from lesser-known brands like Onyx. But it seems that Onyx is giving people a reason to skip the Kindle.

Available today, the Onyx BOOX Tab X is a massive, overpowered, and downright impressive ePaper tablet. It boasts a A4-sized screen (13.3 inches) with a 207 dpi resolution, and it and measures just 0.27 inches thick. Plus, it runs Android 11 with an unspecified octa-core Qualcomm SoC, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM.

These specs are very impressive, but the selling point is Onyx’s Pen 2 Pro stylus. It allows you to take notes, write in the margins of ebooks, or mark up recordings that you make during meetings. Interestingly, this stylus has an “eraser,” and customers can use a Bluetooth keyboard with the BOOX Tab X for more intensive work.

The BOOX Tab X uses “Super Refresh Technology” to avoid the jitter and stutter of other ereaders (though there’s still a slight ghosting effect). It also offers four individual refresh modes optimized for browsing webpages, reading books, taking notes, or using regular Android apps. If you’re trying to avoid eyestrain while messing around online, this may be a good option.

BOOX Super Refresh Technology backed by the dedicated GPU, which makes the refresh experience ultra smooth and responsive. Four new refresh modes are designed for different tasks such as reading, note-taking, and using apps on the ePaper screen. Scrolling through webpages is an exceptionally pleasant journey with minimal ghosting.

I should also note that the BOOX Tab X uses a 6300mAh battery. That’s a fairly large battery for any tablet, especially for a device with a power-efficient E Ink display. Unfortunately, Onyx hasn’t shared battery life details for this product.

BOOX Tab X 13.3 ePaper Tablet PC E Ink Tablet Digital Paper 6G 128G

The Onyx BOOX Tab X features a large 13.3-inch E Ink display and includes a stylus for note taking. It's an impressive and massive ePaper tablet, to say the least.

Source: Onyx via Android Police

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