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BMW Recalls Select EVs For Not Making Enough Noise

Electric vehicles are much quieter than your typical gas-powered car, but they’re actually required by law to make noise to alert pedestrians. As a result, you’ll hear a subtle “hum” or electric sound as one backs up or drives by. However, BWM just recalled select models for being too quiet.

BMW started 2023 by recalling over 16,000 EVs over a potential power loss issue, and now we’re hearing the company is dealing with another problem. While it sounds odd to say, BMW recalled over 3,500 BMW i4 and iX models (2022 and 2023) for not being loud enough.

According to the NHTSA website, BMW is recalling select models of those vehicles due to faulty external artificial sound generators. Under normal conditions, the sound generator should emit a beep or humming noise when a car is in reverse or driving at low speeds. The system doesn’t always work or make noise for whatever reason, and that’s a safety concern.

The recall states that BMW’s “control unit may, sporadically, experience a fault condition” and will not emit noise. In those situations, the sound generator isn’t working, and a nearby pedestrian could be at risk.

If you’ve ever had an EV sneak up on you while walking down the street, you know why this law exists. Some of them are so quiet it can be dangerous as we’re used to hearing loud car engines. Luckily for BMW, this is an easy fix with a software update.

However, this isn’t an OTA update you can get at home, and owners will need to head to a BMW dealership to get the update manually. The company will notify owners in March, so be on the lookout for a recall notice.

via The Verge

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