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Apple Music Launches Replay 2023

Apple Music Replay 2023 Icon
Apple Music

Apple Music doesn’t wait until December to curate your most-listened-to songs of the year. Rather, the music giant updates its personalized Replay playlist every week of the year. And now that enough of the new year has elapsed, Apple Music has launched Replay 2023 for subscribers.

Apple Music iPhone App showing a 2023 playlist
Apple Music

Accessing your Replay playlist is as simple as launching the app, scrolling down to the Replay section, and tapping on the ’23 icon. In the same section, you’ll find past Replay playlists for years gone by. In my app, I have playlists of my top songs going all the way back to 2015. And although those years are set in stone, Apple Music will update the 2023 Replay playlist with the most played songs of the week.

Apple Music App selection showing Replay Icons for pas years
Apple Music

Replay is just a playlist in the mobile and desktop apps. However, if you log into the Apple Music web interface, you can dig a little deeper than your most-listened tunes. You can see your top albums and artists of each year. Plus, you can browse statistics such as play counts and hours listened. Plus, if you were a subscriber to Apple Music in 2022, you can watch a highlight reel with sharable cards and stories, much like Spotify Wrapped.

Apple Music

Try Apple Music free for one month then $10.99 per month afterward.

Source: XDA Developers


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