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Kohler’s Smart Mirror Lets You Ask Alexa to Flush Your Toilet, If You Want That

Imagine if, after your morning trip to the bathroom, you could flush your toilet or start running the water from your sink with a voice command. Sounds unnecessarily complex, you say? Welcome to the future anyway, thanks to bathroom fixture manufacturer Kohler.

Unless you’ve upgraded your bathroom or kitchen recently, you might not have heard of Kohler, but the company wants to bring the power of voice commands and automation to everything in your bathroom. Their new Kohler Konnect line (because everything’s kooler when it starts with a K) features smart shower heads, toilets, faucets, and at the center of it all, a smart mirror powered by Alexa.

Some features of this lineup sound genuinely useful, like monitoring your water usage, setting a certain lighting profile on the mirror, or filling the bathtub to a specific level. Other features, like asking the toilet to flush itself, sound like something out of a Black Mirror episode commenting on society’s over-dependence on AI assistants.

Kohler hasn’t announced pricing yet for any of these gadgets (though we’re sure to hear more at CES), but the Kohler Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror is set to launch in March of this year, with the rest of the fixtures coming later in 2018. You can probably expect to pay a decent premium over the normal cost of replacing all these pieces in your bathroom, too.

Via: Engadget

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