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Cybertruck Shows off 4-Wheel Steering in New Video

Tesla Cybertruck in the road

The Tesla Cybertruck is slowly but surely becoming a reality. With production starting later this year, we’re seeing more leaks of the final design and a new video of the Cybertruck’s fancy 4-wheel steering mode.

In late 2021, Elon Musk confirmed the company was adding several exciting features from rival trucks to its Cybertruck, including a big upgrade to the steering system. These days most electric trucks have rear-wheel steering, which improves the turning radius or adds features like the Hummer EV’s crab walk.

With rear-wheel steering, the vehicle can move and steer the rear axle, turning the rear wheels similar to the front set. And while they don’t turn as much, it still makes a big difference. We knew it was coming eventually, but a newly leaked video spotted by Electrek is giving us our best look yet at Tesla’s implementation.

While this short clip isn’t anything crazy, it does show the Tesla Cybertruck’s rear wheels actively turning to improve agility and radius. Having the rear wheels facing to the right as the front wheels face left makes the entire vehicle turn tighter, which will be helpful with such a big, heavy truck.

Tesla isn’t the only one exploring this type of feature. The Hummer EV already has it, Rivian’s crab mode does something similar, and Chevrolet confirmed its new Silverado EV would offer the best turn radius of any full-size truck.

The Tesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steering video above appeared on Twitter, with Musk commenting that it’s a “very hard car to build, as it is unlike any other, but, as stated publicly, Cybertruck production starts this year.”

We’re not sure when this video was taken, but it’s clear that Tesla is making progress on its unique electric truck. Production kicks off later this year, but don’t expect much availability until sometime in 2024.

via Electrek

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