We’re At CES This Week! Here’s Where to Follow Us On Every Social Site

The Consumer Electronic’s Show is kicking off this week in Las Vegas, and we’re going to be on the ground checking out all the latest gadgets, services, and weird inventions the tech industry has to offer. Here’s how to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all the new stuff as soon as we do.

We’ll be checking out shows, press events, and tech demos starting Sunday, January 7th and continuing all week (or until the show finally runs out of interesting things to offer, which could very well happen before the convention is officially over). Rather than inundating you with posts rehashing press releases, we’re going to cover what we see on our social accounts so you can attend with us. So, if you’re not already, you can:

We’ll also be on the ground with the team from sister site How-To Geek. So whether you want to see if they finally invent a smart [insert normal household object here], or get to know the people behind the posts, follow us on your preferred social media distraction.

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