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Buy ‘Skyrim’ Again, This Time as a Board Game

Modiphius Entertainment

The endlessly remastered Skyrim is now available in an all-new format—a large board game. Available today, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game mirrors the freeform and open-world format of the hit video game, though it’s technically a prequel story.

Created by Modiphius Entertainment, Skyrim – The Adventure Game promises endless replayability through branching storylines, hidden mysteries, and a free-roaming playstyle. Players can enjoy a solo mode or bring in three friends to go on a cooperative adventure.

You can tiptoe through this board game, though as all Skyrim players know, you get the most fun from exploring. Different narratives are strewn throughout the tabletop world, delivered by a ton of unique cards. Experiencing all of these stories requires multiple playthroughs, as some story options disappear based on your in-game actions.

And, interestingly, the game includes figures that match all the races of Skyrim—a Khajiit, a Nord, and so on. You get to do plenty of strategic fighting, which helps you move the story along, gain experience points, unlock treasure, and upgrade your equipment.

Modiphius’ Skyrim – The Adventure Game is available today for $140. If you’re willing to dedicate a coffee table to this game, it’ll give you an exciting new adventure through one of the most iconic video game worlds.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- The Adventure Game

Like the Skyrim video game, this board game features an open world with branching storylines and endless replayability. Play it solo or drag your friends along for the journey.

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