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The Bing Chatbot Is Coming to Your Taskbar

Bing AI search featured on a Windows 11 taskbar.

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the “New Bing” into preview. The overhauled Bing combined its well-known search engine with an AI-powered chatbot. Today, the company announced that it’s integrating the new tech into the Windows 11 taskbar.

In a blog post, Microsoft states that the search box is one of the most used Windows features and that integrating the new AI-powered Bing into Windows will empower users to find answers more quickly than ever.

However, since the new Bing is still in preview, not everyone will have access to the chatbot feature. Currently, only about one million people have access to Bing’s AI. But Microsoft promises that hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users will be able to utilize it “soon.” If you want to join the new Bing preview, you can join the waitlist.

The race to implement AI into web searches kicked off earlier this year when both Google and Microsoft announced their intentions to introduce ChatGPT-style chatbots into their respective search engines.

The results have been mixed so far. In demonstrations of their new tech, both companies‘ AI got their facts wildly wrong. Plus, the AI algorithms seem to get confused and do things they’re not supposed to if you talk to them in a certain way. Hopefully, Microsoft will work out the kinks before it becomes available to the general public.

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