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Tesla Opens Powerwall Orders to Non-Solar Customers

Two Tesla Powerwalls mounted on the side of a house.
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For the last two years, Tesla has restricted the sale of its home battery, Powerwall, to customers who also bought a home rooftop solar power system. This week, the company is removing that condition and allowing anyone in the United States to buy one.

Home batteries like the Powerwall are increasingly popular because they allow users to power their homes when the power goes out. Their popularity led to a severe order backlog for Tesla, which is possibly the reason the company restricted their sale to customers who also bought Tesla solar panels for their home.

The price of a single Powerwall starts at $9,200. But you can expect that number to change when you add taxes and deduct incentives. However, customers can get a significant discount if they order three units for $25,200.

You can order a Powerwall directly from Tesla and have it installed by the company. You can also buy the home batteries from third-party installers and skip going through Tesla entirely.

Although you don’t need to be a Tesla solar customer to get the Powerwall anymore, the company touts the advantages of combining the two services as recharging the batteries with the energy your home produces, being protected from outages 24/7, and achieving “energy independence” from the power grid.

Tesla Powerwall

Ensure your home's power even when the power grid fails.

Source: Drive Tesla


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