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Strange Pixel 7 Bug Prevents Photos from Saving

A close-up of the Google Pixel 7's cameras.
Andrew Heinzman / Review Geek

The “Pixel Curse” comes in many flavors. Some Pixel 7 owners complain about screen and battery problems, while others have trouble watching a short clip from Aliens. But the latest Pixel 7 bug affects the phone’s cameras—or, more specifically, the phone’s camera software.

In a video shared to Reddit by u/MintySkyhawk, the Pixel 7 Pro refuses to save zoomed-in photos of a PC. The phone is set to 5x zoom with the flash enabled—when these conditions are reversed (by zooming out or disabling the flash), the Pixel 7 Pro has no trouble saving new pictures to the Gallery.

Several Redditors tried to replicate these conditions and encountered the same problem. And to our surprise, some users report this problem on the standard Pixel 7, which offers a maximum 2x zoom (due to the lack of a telephoto lens).

Review Geek performed a test on the standard Pixel 7 and immediately encountered the bug. That said, this bug only seems to occur when shooting a dark subject. Reddit user u/psnipes773 performed some debugging, which indicated that this bug might be related to the Google Camera app’s HDR functionality.

Additionally, Android Police found a correlation between this bug and Google Camera version The Android software running on a Pixel 7 has no bearing on this bug—even Pixel 7 devices running the latest Android 14 preview are affected, according to Android Police.

If you want to test this bug for yourself, point your Pixel 7’s camera at a dark subject, zoom in all the way, and turn on the flash. It will shoot photos, but it may refuse to save photos.

Source: u/MintySkyhawk

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