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Waze Navigation Now Shows Real-Time EV Charger & Plug Info

EV-specific details come to Waze.

Waze real-time EV details in navigation.

Waze finally added EV charging station data to its maps and navigation in 2021, and now it’s getting a small but significant update. Starting today, users can enter specific details like electric vehicle plug type into the app and receive real-time information about stations while en route.

It’s odd to see Waze get this feature so late, considering Google owns Waze, and Google Maps has offered EV charging station info since 2019, but better late than never. With this newest change, Waze could become the preferred navigation app for EV owners.

Waze now allows for vehicle-specific EV data for navigation.

According to a blog post by Google, Waze maps and navigation is getting these features starting today, but it could take a few weeks to roll out globally. Once you get the latest update, you’ll find Waze offers some of the best real-time updated information about EV charging stations, plug type, availability, and even outage information.

If you drive an electric vehicle, you know that charging station info is often outdated and unreliable. The map will say there’s a charger somewhere, only for you to roll in with a low battery and realize it doesn’t have a compatible plug or is broken. Now you can add your exact vehicle type to Waze.

What makes Waze great is the local map editors and community, which all share real-time information about traffic, road hazards, police traps, and now electric vehicle (EV) charger data. As a result, charging station data will update on the fly, ensuring Waze accurately displays the charger type, speed, and more.

And if you’re a regular contributor to Waze and find a new EV charging station that’s not on the map, you can add it as an official stop by tapping the new EV icon in the app. Or, when a station gets a new charger that works with your vehicle, like a Tesla charger with the universal adapter, Waze could be the first to tell you. So, download the app today and give it a try.

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