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Get the Cleanest Floors Possible With These 9 Robot Vacuum Tips

Roborock S8 Plus Ultra robot vacuum in its charging dock in a living room dock
Justin Duino / Review Geek

Robot vacuums are super helpful, but sometimes they need a little assistance. Following these tips lets you kick up your feet and let your bot clean under them.

Understand the Benefits of a Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum cleans for you. You can set its schedule, restrict it from certain areas, and leave it alone while it vacuums. Most models released since 2021 navigate using virtual maps, AI, and cameras instead of running into things constantly. The upgraded technology also boasts long battery life and intelligent suction. Robot vacuums clean automatically and efficiently.

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Set a Schedule That Works for You

You’ll want to find a schedule for the vacuum to run on. More people are staying inside due to the increase in home-based employment — around 73% of employees request remote work options. A clean area is necessary, so a robot vacuum is handy. However, it’ll work better for you if your machine cleans around your schedule.

A clean space is relaxing, but a loud vacuum is not. Imagine sitting at work and trying to get a project done when your vacuum lets itself in and starts making noise — that would be frustrating. Set the robot to clean when you’re off work or on a break. Setting a schedule will also keep the vacuum out of your way.

Clear the Way

A Yeedi robot vacuum going under a table with chairs stacked on top.
Danny Chadwick / Review Geek

A robot vacuum is smart, but it can’t predict everything. Ensure the area you want to clean is free of anything that could get caught in the machine. Some models know not to suck things up that could get trapped, but it’s better to be safe.

Make sure you clear the space your vacuum is about to clean. Cords, clothes, and other things that could get caught in the machine should be picked up or moved before it starts. Your robot will run better, and you’ll have peace of mind that it won’t get stuck. If the room is clear, you and the robot can go about your business.

Keep It Well-Maintained

Check up on your vacuum often. Clean it regularly and ensure everything is working correctly. You should read the owner’s manual and perform the required maintenance. A working robot means a clean home.

Empty It Frequently

Robot vacuums are small, which is great when they need to fit under furniture or in tight spaces. However, this means it won’t be able to hold much. Empty your vacuum often so it can keep picking up after you.

Place the Charging Dock in a Good Spot

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro in its charging dock.
Danny Chadwick / Review Geek

Many robot vacuums automatically return to their charging dock when they need to recharge. Ensure it’s in a place your vacuum can easily reach and has enough space around it so the robot can dock at any angle. That allows it to keep doing its job.

Give It Enough Space

Much like regular vacuums, robot vacs need space to clean. They’re small enough to squeeze under most furniture or in tight spaces but can’t fit everywhere. Your vacuum might sometimes run into table legs or walls, which is fine. However, make sure it has enough room to move around. It will clean better if it has a larger, emptier space.

Keep the Lights On

Light helps robot vacuums navigate. It might be able to clean in the dark, but it’ll do better with lighting. Cameras and AI better understand where they’re going and what they’re sucking up if they can see it.

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Observe It While It Cleans

A Yeedi robot mop stuck on a welcome mat and a coat hanger base.
Danny Chadwick / Review Geek

Watch where your robot goes while it’s cleaning — you’ll get some insight into how it’s doing. You can see if it keeps getting stuck on specific furniture or missing a spot.

Observing your vacuum while it cleans lets you know what you can do to help it clean better:

  • Allows you to set restricted areas: You can limit your vacuum’s movement if you notice it’s going where it shouldn’t. For example, you can block it from getting too close to your computer setup.
  • Lets you see how well it’s cleaning: Pay attention to how much it picks up and if it leaves anything behind. It’ll give you a better idea of what your vacuum can handle.

Fixing small mistakes early on ensures your vacuum cleans as efficiently as possible.

Let Your Robot Do the Work

Picking things up off the floor and moving furniture out of the way ensures your robot vacuum will clean to the best of its abilities. It might seem like work, but these little things pay off when your bot cleans better and runs longer.

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