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Are FLEX Power Tools at Lowe’s Worth Buying?

Flex those power tool muscles.

FLEX impact driver on a tire.
Lowe's capable FLEX brand 24V power tool lineup is gaining popularity. The tools are made by a name we know, offer high performance, and are worth considering.

Walk into any hardware or home improvement store, and you’ll be overwhelmed with all the power tool options at different price points. Over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed FLEX Tools, a relatively new cordless line at Lowe’s. So, who makes FLEX tools, and are they worth buying?

While Lowe’s launched an exclusive FLEX 24V Power Tools lineup in 2021, the company has been making professional tools since it was founded in 1922. In fact, FLEX developed the world’s first handheld grinder in 1954.

You’ll find a wide array of unassuming black tools with “FLEX” in bold white letters at Lowe’s, including drill/driver combos, impacts, saws, polishers, lighting, angle grinders, tool storage, attachments, and handheld tools. That’s in addition to speakers, leaf blowers, and more. Here’s what you need to know about the FLEX brand.

Who Makes FLEX Tools?

FLEX power tools logo.

FLEX is a name many are likely familiar with, whose headquarters and only production facility are located in Steinheim, Germany. FLEX operates subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the United States, to name a few.

However, FLEX joined the Chervon Group in 2013 (not to be confused with Chevron gas), which is a well-known company out of China. Chervon is a large-scale manufacturer of tools and outdoor equipment. Aside from FLEX Power Tools, it also manufactures tools for Kobalt, Skil, Skilsaw, EGO, Devon, and others.

So, FLEX Tools come from the same group that makes all those Kobalt tools in Lowe’s. This is a common approach where one parent company owns or licenses several brands, similar to how TTI (Techtronic Industries) makes tools for Ryobi, Milwaukee, HART, and more. Keep in mind that the power tool line is slightly different than the red-branded FLEX tools the company is already known for.

Where Are FLEX Tools Made?

Flex angle power tool at a job site.

According to FLEX, its headquarters and only production facility are in Steinheim, Germany, where it has manufacturered tools for decades. However, the Chervon Group was founded over 20 years ago in Nanjing, China, and still operates in China.

Chervon provides tools to North America, Europe, China, and Australia, and its products are sold in more than 30,000 stores throughout 100 different countries.

From what I understand, FLEX continues to operate as an independent brand under its parent company Chervon, which suggests some manufacturing still occurs in Germany. However, we’re unsure if that’s the original red FLEX tools or everything under the FLEX name, including the 24V line.

Review Geek reached out to Chervon, and it had this to say: “The FLEX 24V tools at Lowe’s are currently made in Asia. The accessories are made in the United States, EU, Taiwan, and China.”

The FLEX 24V Difference

FLEX Tools 24V stacked battery.
FLEX / Lowe’s

One aspect that makes FLEX stand out against the competition, aside from its tools coming with two battery packs and a durable case, is the 24V battery system.

For those unaware, 18V and 20V tools (like from DeWALT) are the same voltage, and that’s just marketing to make it sound better and more powerful. However, 24V FLEX tools are made differently, and that’s a big deal.

FLEX 24V power tools at Lowe’s have six lithium-ion battery cells inside instead of the five packs on 18/20V devices. This gives FLEX battery packs 20% more capacity than most of the competition, so a 6Ah battery from FLEX will last longer than a 6Ah battery that’s only 18V.

Thanks to FLEX’s 24V stacked “pouch-style” lithium-ion battery packs, tools can deliver more power, last longer, and recharge quicker, due to all six cells being wired in parallel. While the regular 24V batteries are still great, its new STACKED LITHIUM is even better, not to mention it offers improved thermal management to keep performance at its best. Performance and battery life are two reasons many workers and DIY users enjoy FLEX tools.

Another Quality Option at Lowe’s

FLEX six tool set, battery, and charger.
FLEX / Lowe’s

The debate of who makes the best power tools is never-ending, but most professionals and DIY enthusiasts will usually mention big brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, or Makita. We’re not here to argue which is best but to explain the options available.

Now that you know a little about FLEX, you’ll want to consider trying it the next time you’re at Lowe’s. And while the home improvement store already offers countless brands, including Kobalt and others, it carries a wide range of capable tools from FLEX.

Walk through Lowe’s, and you’ll FLEX 24V tools of all shapes and sizes for any job. Like most cordless power tool brands lately, FLEX has an ever-expanding selection of tools that all work with the same 24V battery packs. More importantly, the newer stacked lithium work with any FLEX 24V tool or charger.

FLEX is another quality option at Lowe’s, offering a ton of tool choices with built-in LED lighting, brushless motors, powerful 24V battery packs, and good performance.

Are FLEX Power Tools Worth Buying?

FLEX 24V tool, charger, and storage box.

So, are FLEX tools any good, and more importantly, are they worth buying? Well, that depends on your wants and needs. For example, one thing that sets Milwaukee apart from the others is how it focuses on specific tasks and makes tools for mechanics and electrical workers. It caters to a certain group, which helps with brand loyalty.

And while having an excellent tool for the job is essential, especially with professional work, your average at-home DIY user might not need the absolute best or most expensive tool.

Most FLEX tools at Lowe’s come with two battery packs and a quality hard carry case, making them an excellent option for people on a job site. The 24 volts of power sure helps, too. However, it’s also a solid tool for DIY jobs around the house.

FLEX gets you a capable tool with plenty of power, the latest features, advanced thermal management, long battery life, and much more. As we said above, FLEX offers an expansive selection of 24V tools at Lowe’s, and here are a few worth considering.

FLEX 24V 6-Tool Combo

The FLEX 24V 6-tool combo pack is a great place to start. You'll get a soft carry case, two battery packs, and a charger, all for one low price.

FLEX 24V Variable Speed Impact Wrench

If you're looking for a powerful brushless impact wrench to handle the toughest of jobs, give this a try.

FLEX 24V Stacked Lithium Drill/Driver

The FLEX 24V 1/2-inch Drill & Driver combo offers plenty of power, comes with a battery, and is only $279.

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