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Microsoft Adds AI Image Creation to New Bing

Bing website showing four images being created from a prompt.

Last month, Microsoft introduced “New Bing,” an AI chatbot attached to the Bing search engine. This week, the company is expanding its generative AI offerings by adding Bing Image Creator into the mix, allowing users to describe the image they want to see and having the AI generate it for them.

an image of bing.com/create showing AI-generated images of a house on the prairie.
Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Generator is powered by an advanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E. Microsoft touts the new image generator as an assistant for people to generate images for their own imaginations rather than scrolling through pages of search results that may not be exactly what they were looking for. The company cites use cases such as creating an image for a newsletter or getting inspiration for how to redecorate their living room.

For example, I inputted “make a picture of a modest home on the prairie at sunset,” below are the images that Bing Image Creator made for me:

Microsoft states that Bing Image Creator will be available in Microsoft Edge, making it the only browser on the market today with an integrated AI image generator. To use the image creator in Edge, users simply need to click the icon in the sidebar to get started (after updating to the latest software version, of course).

However, you don’t need to download Edge to use Bing Image Creator, the new tool is available to everyone on the New Bing preview and can be accessed by those not in the preview by visiting Bing.com/create.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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