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The OG Smartwatch Makers Want to Revive Small Phones

Justin Duino / Review Geek

It’s not a common complaint to hear someone say that smartphones are just too big these days. However, some people out there still prefer the smaller form factors of yesteryear. And with the iPhone mini’s demise, there aren’t many great options for a small smartphone. But there are a few out there looking to change that.

The same people who banded together in the 2010s to invent the Pebble smartwatch got the band back together to form the Small Android Phone community project. The team at Small Android phone includes Pebble founders Eric Migicovsky and Benjamin Bryant, along with designer Alex De Satsio, data science head Susan Holcomb, and product manager Chris Hendel. The project is united by the team members’ love of small phones if not an actual company yet.

On the Small Android Phone project’s website, Migicovsky states that despite being 6’6″, he never enjoyed using larger smartphones and lists the main reasons why he loves the small form factor. Including that small phones fit nicely in his pocket, are much lighter, are easy to use with one hand, and don’t fall out of his pocket while he’s riding his bike.

Of course, it’s obvious to Migicovsky (and pretty much everyone else in this space) that smartphones the size of the original iPhone in 2007 are almost non-existent, and the appetite for big companies to make them is practically zero, which is interesting because Steve Jobs was always adamant about the iPhone’s small size. However, only a couple of years after his death, Apple decided to increase the size of the iPhone with the iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s pretty much been getting bigger since then.

It’s impossible to know if Jobs would back the Small Android Phone project (but it’s doubtful since it has the word “Android” in it), but there are several thousand people out there who share Job’s and Migicovsky’s attitude about the size of phones. Today, more than 38,000 people have signed up to support the Smart Android Phone manifesto.

There isn’t much in the way of specs to report about the Small Android Phone (even the name hasn’t been hashed out yet). But, according to the project’s website, a potential model would have a sub-6-inch display (matching the size of the iPhone 13 Mini), “great cameras,” and stock Android OS. Migicosvksy states that he doesn’t want to start a cell phone company. He calls the idea crazy. But, the goal of Small Android Phone is to get the attention of Google or another Android manufacturer to demonstrate the demand for such a device, and hopefully, they’ll make them.

Source: Small Android Phone

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