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TP-Link Tapo Will Automate Your Smart Home with Affordable New Sensors

TP-Link Tapo H100 smart sensor hub and chime connected to other sensor devices.
TP-Link Tapo

True home automation and security requires smart home sensors. But finding affordable sensors is a difficult task. That’s why TP-Link Tapo is launching two affordable smart sensor devices, plus a hub that’s required to use the sensors.

While you may not be excited by yet another hub, the Tapo H100 is a pretty reasonable product. It can connect with up to 64 Tapo devices in your home, acting as a central communicator between sensors, bulbs, smart plugs, and more. This reduces the strain that a large number of devices would normally have on your home network. (And, importantly, it allows Tapo automations to occur even when your internet is down.)

And, interestingly, the H100 hub features a built-in chime. You can use this chime for several different tasks (or even customize the sound it plays), though its primary function is to alert you when something occurs—it can notify you when a motion sensor is activated, or when a contact sensor detects that a window is open. The chime can reach 90db, so it can double as a security alarm.

Once you’ve got the H100 hub, you can add Tapo T100 motion sensors across your home. The T100 detects motion within a 120-degree FOV and a 23-foot range, meaning that it should work for lighting automation (or home security) in most rooms. You can also receive notifications when this sensor detects motion, or use it to trigger the alarm in your H100 hub.

But Tapo’s most useful sensor, at least from a security standpoint, is the T110 contact sensor. You can use it to monitor doors, windows, mailboxes, cabinets, or even the refrigerator. And, of course, the T110 can trigger automations—maybe you want your bathroom lights to turn on whenever the door is closed, for example.

All three of these products are available today. The H100 hub costs $23, while the T100 and T110 each cost $20.

TP-Link Tapo H100 Hub & Chime, White

The Tapo H100 hub connects all of your Tapo smart products and sensors, providing responsive actions and automations with reduced Wi-Fi congestion. It also has an integrated chime, which can double as an alarm.

TP-Link Tapo T100 Motion Sensor, White

Tapo's T100 motion sensor allows you to automate lights, plugs, locks, and more around your home. It can also alert you to motion when you're away from home, or trigger the H100's alarm.

TP-Link Tapo T110 Contact Sensor, White

Tapo's T110 can detect when a door, window, or cabinet is opened. This may trigger automations, though you can also use it for home security.

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