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The Best Accessories for Your Apple TV

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The Apple TV is a great way of getting big screen entertainment onto your television, and with more streaming services popping up daily, it gets better and better. However, it could always be complemented by some awesome accessories. But which?

Even though the Apple TV stands well on its own two feet, sometimes adding just the right mix of accessories can give it that little bit extra. Apple doesn’t give you much in the box—just the Apple TV, a power cable, the Siri Remote, and a Lightning cable—so you’ll need to pick up an HDMI cable of your own at the very least.

While you’re shopping for something that really should be in the box already, why not treat your Apple TV to a couple more new friends, too? Not all of these accessories are as vital as the aforementioned HDMI cable, but we do think that each and every one of them will enhance your Apple TV-watching experience.

Best HDMI Cable: Atevon High Speed HDMI Cable ($12)

Atevon High Speed HDMI Cable

Apple’s decision not to ship the Apple TV with its own HDMI cable seems like a silly cost-saving measure, but fortunately, good HDMI cables are inexpensive. If you want the best picture and sound from your Apple TV, you owe it to yourself to choose a cable that meets the standards required.

The Atevon High Speed HDMI Cable does that, thanks to its 18Gbps throughput and HDMI 2.0 compliance. It’s good for 4K HDR and 60Hz, and it’s HDCP 2.2 capable so you won’t experience any copy protection issues, either. Support for Audio Return (ARC) and 4:4:4 chroma rounds out the features. And it’s not particularly costly for a lengthy 6ft cable, either.

Best Remote Sleeve: Elago Intelli Case (From $6)

Elago Intelli Case

The Siri Remote is fine but it’s so slender and easy to lose. The solution? Put it in a case that makes the remote much more ergonomic and easier to hold—a case like the Elago Intelli Case.

The Intelli Case is available in a handful of colors, but no matter which color you go for you’ll get a case that makes it easier to hold your Siri Remote and, gloriously, make it less likely to disappear down the back of a sofa cushion.

For an added bonus, the case also has a built-in magnet, so you can attach it to any metal object around the home. You need never lose your Siri Remote again.

Best MFi Game Controller: SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller ($50)

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

Apple keeps trying to turn the Apple TV into a game console, with limited success. That’s a shame because there are some great games in the App Store that are perfect for couch play. You’ll need an MFi controller if you want to enjoy them to their fullest, and the SteelSeries Nimbus is the pick of the bunch.

If the controller looks familiar, that’s because it looks not unlike an Xbox One controller, and that’s a good thing. We think those controllers are some of the best around, and when you throw in Lightning charging and 40 hours of gaming from a single charge, you don’t need to look further for an Apple TV gaming accessory.

It’ll even work with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, too.

Best Earphones: Apple AirPods ($159)

Apple AirPods

When it comes to choosing earphones for use with Apple products, it’s difficult to look beyond AirPods.

Between the ease of pairing and clarity afforded by the H1 chip inside and the charging case that keeps your earbuds ready to go, AirPods are the default wireless option for the Apple TV and indeed all Apple products. You can find products that offer improved sound isolation or over-the-ear comforts, but it’s really tough to beat the flexibility and ease of use you get with the AirPods.

We’ve gone for the standard AirPods without the Wireless Charging Case here, just because it’s not required and saving a little cash is always welcome.

Best Keyboard: Logitech K380 ($30)

Logitech K380

It’s not all that often that you will need to type anything on an Apple TV, but when it crops up, you’ll wish you had a keyboard. Entering usernames and passwords for accounts like Netflix and your Apple ID—as well as searching for content on video services—can be a huge pain using the on-screen keyboard. Not so, with the Logitech K380.

There are few reasons to love the Logitech K380, not least its super small size and surprising charm. Top of the list though has to be the fact it can pair with up to three devices. Switching devices is just a single keypress away, and while you might not want to buy a keyboard solely for the Apple TV, being able to use it with anything is a real boon.

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