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Logitech’s New Kids Headphones Work With Everything

The Logitech Zone Learn headphones are built to last.

Kids wearing the Logitech Zone Learn headphones.

Logitech just launched new kid-friendly headphones called Zone Learn, perfect for an educational environment and the wear and tear that accompanies it. These headphones are durable, repairable, and work with all devices.

Similar to the Zone headphones for adults working from home, the new Zone Learn headphones for kids are built to last with a rugged design that’s “chew-resistant” and has replacement parts. Parents or schools can easily replace the ear pads if they get damaged over time, plus you can choose between on-ear pads or over-the-ear for better noise isolation to keep the little ones focused.

More importantly, these $35 headphones work with any device thanks to having a modular cable system. Yes, you can plug in one of three cables, whether USB-A on an older machine or USB-C with a phone, laptop, or tablet, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This way, they’ll work with any device.

Logitech Zone Learn work with any cable.

Keep in mind that these are affordable and durable wired headphones. That means there’s no Bluetooth, but now parents, kids, or teachers don’t have to worry about pairing the headphones to devices or keeping the battery charged.

The Zone Learn headphones are adjustable to fit kindergarten to 12th-grade users. There’s also an adjustable boom microphone, along with audio drivers specifically tuned for voice clarity instead of music and gaming. That’s because, obviously, these are educational headphones.

So, these headphones are built to last but easily repaired with replacement cups or cables. At first, they’ll only be available this spring for educational institutions, priced at $35-$40 depending on ear cups and wires.

Then, the Logitech Zone Learn will be available to the general public this summer, just in time for the new school year.

via Engadget

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