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How I Found My Way Back to LEGO

Various LEGO sets in a living room
Shannon Flynn / Review Geek

There’s no shortage of misconceptions in the world, but there’s one common myth that I’m particularly passionate about debunking. What is it, you ask? It’s the idea that LEGO sets are only for kids.

Like a lot of children, I grew up playing with LEGO bricks. I’d spend hours at the dining room table building everything from houses to zoos with my younger brother. Then, somewhere along the way, I decided I was too old for LEGO, and my bricks were left to gather dust in the basement.

Sadly, this is an all too common tale. As kids grow up, they set aside their LEGO sets in favor of seemingly more mature pursuits. However, when we do this, we don’t realize that we’re giving up little pieces of ourselves when we don’t have to. That’s because LEGO isn’t just for kids. This is something I discovered by chance a few Christmases ago.

A Very LEGO Christmas

Three LEGO buildings make up a Christmas village.
Shannon Flynn / Review Geek

In honor of the season of giving, my husband’s parents gave him the LEGO Ship in a Bottle. At the time, they thought it was just a cool take on a traditional ship in a bottle. They had no way of knowing that this gift would reignite my passion for LEGO.

When we got home from the Christmas festivities that evening, my husband noticed me hungrily eyeing his new LEGO set. He smiled and asked, “Want to open it now?” I, of course, gave an enthusiastic “yes” and we were off.

At first, we thought we would only build part of the model and then pick it back up later. However, I couldn’t resist the siren song of LEGO, and we finished the ship that night. I have to admit that, although we worked on the model together, I slowly started taking over the build. Thankfully, my husband graciously let me commandeer his Christmas gift. And once the last brick of that set was in place, I had both a ship in a bottle and a reignited passion for LEGO.

Hello, LEGO, My Old Friend

LEGO succulents and a pink LEGO bonsai tree sit side by side.
Shannon Flynn / Review Geek

Putting together that Christmas gift made me realize how much I had missed sitting down and creating with LEGO. To me, there’s something beautiful and relaxing about focusing on a project that’s challenging yet creative. The hours seemed to disappear as the completed set appeared before me. I knew that it would be just the first of many LEGO sets I would complete as an adult.

I began treating myself to a new LEGO set every few months, especially during the colder months when the Ohio weather forced me to spend more time inside. My husband also quickly learned that a LEGO set is a gift that will always bring a smile to my face. Some women want a bouquet of flowers for a special occasion, but I’ll take something from the LEGO Botanical Collection. It gives me the beauty and brightness of a bouquet without the guilt of cutting a flower’s life short.

Right as my passion for building with these bricks began to pick up, something else was gaining traction around the world: COVID. As the global pandemic forced us to stay at home, I found solace and entertainment in my LEGO sets. I could lose myself in a build and have a unique display piece when I was finished. It kept my spirits up and added character to my home during a difficult time, so it was a win/win.

Bricks Aren’t Just For Kids

A LEGO ship in a bottle sits on a shelf.
Shannon Flynn / Review Geek

Although we no longer have to stay at home anymore, I still find that LEGO sets have a special place in my heart and my life. Building a new set is an opportunity to connect with both my creative and analytical sides while relaxing and having fun. Very few activities offer all these benefits at the same time.

As you might have guessed, my LEGO collection has grown steadily over the years. Since bringing that first set home, I’ve added impressive pieces to my office, including the LEGO Typewriter and the LEGO Globe, as well as sets that are inspired by shows I love The Office and Queer Eye. LEGO sets have even become a part of my holiday decorations for everything from Halloween to Christmas, thanks to pieces like the LEGO Haunted House and LEGO Idea Home Alone set.

Now that my passion for LEGO has returned, I have no intention of letting it go ever again. I believe that many adults out there would love building a LEGO set if they only gave it a chance.

And even if LEGO isn’t for you, I’m sure there’s a childhood passion or interest that is waiting for you to pick it up again. I encourage you to give it a try without worrying about being judged for liking it or thinking you’re too mature for it. No one should ever be too mature to be happy and have a little fun. And as my brother has always told me, “Sometimes, you’ve just got to like what you like.”

In short, I am forever grateful to LEGO for creating a product that brings me just as much joy and relaxation as an adult as it did when I was a child. I’m also very thankful that LEGO was there for me during a time when there was so much uncertainty in the world. When I look back on my journey, I couldn’t be happier to have found my way back to LEGO.

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