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Tesla Teases Fans With a Cybertruck “Crash Test” Video

The crash test dummies are ready.

Tesla Cybertruck crash test clip.

Over the weekend, Tesla’s Twitter account shared a Cybertruck crash test video that had fans up in arms. As you can imagine, waiting for the stainless steel bulletproof EV to crash is a bit exciting and nerve-racking.

Tesla’s futuristic truck has a design that people either love or hate. And regardless of sides, we can all agree that crash test videos are typically entertaining. The clip is only 37 seconds long and shows the vehicle from multiple angles, with a group of onlookers covering their ears from behind some safety glass.

However, this video arrived on April 1st, and I’m unsure if it’s a crash test or a “crash avoidance system” test.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a teaser clip. We never actually see the point of impact and the crash. Here at the Review Geek office, we’re debating whether a crash happens at all.

In some clips, it looks like the vehicle is rolling very slowly toward the wall. On the other hand, different angles show the truck gaining speed and flying at a cement wall moments before impact. Who knows, maybe Tesla will release the full clip in the coming weeks that shows an accident. Or, perhaps it’ll show the truck quickly coming to a stop thanks to its accident and obstacle avoidance systems.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is still on track to start production this year, with deliveries likely not starting until 2024. At this point, we know almost everything about the Cybertruck, from its 1MW ultra-fast charging to slowly watching little design changes improve the look. Tesla even added 4-wheel steering to keep up with the growing competition.

All we need now is the ending to this video and an actual release date.

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