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The 8 Best Electric Bikes of 2023

Cory Gunther / Review Geek
🕚 Updated April 2023

There's nothing quite like the feeling of trying an ebike for the first time. Most everyone has ridden a bike at some point in their lives, and ebikes often feel just like a normal bike---until the throttle or peddle-assist kick in. Then, you just get to enjoy the wind in your hair as you ride faster than you could possibly ever pedal by yourself.

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  Best Overall Best for City Commuters Best Budget Best High Performance Best Full Suspension Best Cruiser Best for Rough Terrain Best Folding
700 Series
XP Lite
R Adventure
Powerfly FS 4 Gen 3
Sol Eclipse
Nomad 1
Our SummaryFor most people, Ride1UP’s 700 Series ebike is the perfect option because it’s equipped to do almost everything.If you’re looking for an ebike to take you miles along the road to work, look no further than Aventon’s Level.2 ebike.For people looking to not spend a ton of money as they dive into the vast world of ebikes, the Lectric XP Lite is a fantastic option.Anyone looking for a premium adventure should go with Super73’s aptly named R Adventure ebike.The FS 4 Gen 3 ebike from Powerfly is a full suspension electric mountain bike, making it the best option to tackle tough trail adventures.The Blix Sol Eclipse is the perfect ebike for a gentle cruise along the beach or even a short commute.Velotric’s Nomad 1 ebike has fat, puncture-resistant tires and a powerful motor that prepare it for any terrain.Fiido’s X ebike folds up quickly and easily, making it a great option for road trips or for commuting partially on public transit.
Pros✓ Charges quickly and has a 30-50 mile range
✓ Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes
✓ Comes with lots of free accessories
✓ Long battery life and possible 60 mile range
✓ Torque sensor and 8-speed drivetrain makes for smooth rides
✓ Lights and fenders included
✓ Great entry-level price
✓ Comes with pedal-assist and throttle
✓ Solid build quality (and it folds!)
✓ Great range at full throttle
✓ Super comfortable ride
✓ Both materials and mechanics feel premium
✓ Built to handle any terrain
✓ Easy and comfortable ride
✓ Excellent Bosch Performance Line CX motor
✓ Super comfortable ride
✓ Powerful 750W motor and 7- or 8-gear range
✓ Gorgeous beachy cruiser design
✓ Powerful 750W motor
✓ Rugged yet stylish design
✓ Four-inch puncture-resistant tires
✓ Ready for any terrain
✓ Sleek and modern design
✓ Folds quickly and fits in a car trunk
✓ Can have an easy ride or a tough workout
Cons✗ More involved assembly than other ebikes
✗ Motor can be noisy at high speeds
✗ On the slightly heavy side
✗ Doesn’t work well with shorter heights (under 5’3”)
✗ Prioritized battery life means more tame throttle speeds
✗ Doesn’t come with fenders or a bell/horn
✗ Throttle-only range is kinda meh
✗ Super heavy
✗ Pretty pricey
✗ Pedaling can feel awkward
✗ A very pricey investment
✗ Doesn’t come with fenders
✗ A bit heavy, even before add-on accessories
✗ The Seafoam color option only offers mechanical disc brakes
✗ A bit large and heavy
✗ No built-in tail light
✗ Tops out at 20mph
✗ Super uncomfortable seat cushion
✗ Can’t adjust handlebar height
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The 8 Best Electric Bikes of 2023

The front left side of the Velotric Nomad 1 electric bike
Cory Gunther / Review Geek
The world of ebikes is booming, and new options are constantly launching from popular companies. So how do you narrow down your search? Here’s a brief overview of what you should look for when shopping for an ebike, as well as some of the best options in eight general categories.

But if you’re here, you’re probably already convinced that you need an ebike in your life. Whether you’re looking for something that can fold, handle the most rugged mountain trails, or help you get to work every day quickly and comfortably, we’ve got you covered.

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

With so many available ebikes to choose from, it can be an intimidating process to find the right ebike for you—and that’s putting it mildly. There are some confusing terms and specs to sort through, which make it easy to get overwhelmed. Though there are a million different things you could look at while researching ebike options, here are the most important features and specs you should consider:

  • The Three Classes: For regulatory reasons, electric bikes are divided into three different classes that explain their level of motor assistance. A Class 1 ebike doesn’t have a throttle, has pedal-assist, and can reach a max assisted speed of 20 mph. The only difference between a Class 1 ebike and a Class 2 ebike is that Class 2 options also have a throttle mode. Then, Class 3 ebikes are just like Class 1 ebikes in that they don’t have a throttle, but you can reach up to 28 mph with pedal-assist. Sometimes, you’ll see a Class 3 bike that also has a throttle up to 20 mph, but these bikes may not be allowed in your state so it’s always worth checking your local laws before you buy.
  • Electric Bike Type: Consider how you want to use your future ebike. Do you want to use it on your daily commute? Then, you probably want to look for a road bike. Or, if you want to use your ebike on rough mountain trails and other offroad situations, you should look at mountain bikes, often shortened to eMTBs. You can also meet in the middle of these two and opt for a hybrid ebike, which is designed for both roads and somewhat rough terrain. Then, there are also a few sub-categories you may come across, including cruisers, folding ebikes, and cargo or utility ebikes.
  • Battery and Motor: While an ebike’s battery capacity and motor power are two separate entities, they’re closely reliant on one another when it comes to your ebike’s total performance capabilities. Having an incredibly powerful motor wouldn’t really mean much if it was paired with a small battery that only let you get an hour of riding in between charges. In addition to looking at the battery and motor specs, check out an ebike’s estimated range in miles. Consider whether you want a semi-powerful bike with a long range or an incredibly powerful and speedy bike with a shorter range. Most ebikes have a decently large battery, but you often can’t get the best of both worlds (long range and powerful motor) unless you’re willing to pay a huge price for it. It’s also worth mentioning that with eMTBs and some hybrid ebikes, you’ll often see how much torque the motor offers, measured in Newton meters (Nm). Put simply, the more Newton meters of torque your ebike’s motor can produce, the less your legs will need to work to turn the pedals.
  • Pedal-Assist: Check out the different levels of pedal-assist an ebike offers, and how they relate to the bike’s overall range. When an ebike offers multiple pedal-assist modes, it’s always great to see if they have an estimated mile range for each mode to give you a better idea of what you can expect. If you want to only use the throttle on an ebike and no pedal-assist, an ebike’s promoted max range probably doesn’t reflect how much time and mileage you’ll get out of it. See if you can find an ebike’s lowest range estimate, and that’ll be the range you’ll get when the bike’s motor is working at its maximum. It’s also worth noting that electric bikes use two different types of pedal-assist sensors: cadence-based or torque-based. Cadence-based sensors kick on when the pedals start turning, and turn off when you stop pedaling. Torque-based sensors feel more natural and add power based on how hard you’re pushing the pedals, which sometimes makes you barely notice the bike is assisting you at all.
  • Integrated Add-Ons: Ebikes are expensive, so it’s always great when they come with free add-ons. The most common integrated (or free) accessories that you’ll see come with an ebike purchase are fenders, lights, and an LCD display. On an ebike’s sale page, it should say what’ll be included in your purchase. This is where you’ll look to see if there are any included add-ons. In addition to fenders, headlights, and taillights, an ebike may also include a storage rack above your back tire, built-in security measures, an extra battery, or smartphone integration.
  • Your Weight, Height, and Inseam: This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of ebike shoppers forget to consider whether the ebike is suitable for their body. It won’t matter how many cool features an ebike has if you can’t comfortably ride it. On many ebike websites, there’s a helpful tool or diagram to help you figure out your inseam. Then, you use that inseam and your rider height to figure out which size ebike you should order. Some ebikes only offer customers one size frame, in which case it’s doubly important that you make sure you won’t be too tall or too short to comfortably ride it. It’s also worth checking the ebike’s specs section for its max weight limit, which is usually labeled “max payload.” This is the total weight the ebike can support, including your body, the weight of the bike, and any extra cargo you’re hauling.

Best Overall: Ride1UP 700 Series

Ride1UP 700 series Electric Bike parked next to stone steps


  • Charges quickly and has a 30-50 mile range
  • Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • Comes with lots of free accessories


  • More involved assembly than other ebikes
  • Motor can be noisy at high speeds
  • On the slightly heavy side

If you’re not entirely sure what you’ll use your ebike for just yet, but you just know you want one, check out the 700 Series ebike from Ride1UP. It’s a great all-purpose bike that can handle the roads on your way to work, as well as some inclines and rougher terrains.

To power the whole shebang, there’s a 750W geared hub motor with 60 Nm of torque paired with a 48V 14ah removable battery. You can reach up to 28 mph with pedal-assist, or use just the throttle to go up to 20 mph. Depending on how much pedal-assist you’re using, your weight, and the terrain you’re traversing, Ride1UP’s 700 Series ebike has a range of 30 to 50 miles on a single charge.

There are eight different speeds to experience with the Shimano Acera shifter, and the bike uses a cadence sensor for its pedal-assist system. Your rides will be comfortable with the plush gel saddle and a Mozo Hydraulic Lockout fork with 100 millimeters of suspension travel. Then, you’ll be able to stop no problem with Tektro dual piston hydraulic brakes and high-performance 27.5-inch by 2.4-inch WTB Groov-E tires.

The ebike’s lightweight alloy frame, along with the included rack and fenders, weighs 62 pounds, can comfortably fit riders between 5’0″ and 6’2″, and has a total capacity of 300 pounds. The rear rack alone can support up to 50 pounds. In addition to the rack and fenders, the 700 Series comes with an integrated LED headlight and taillight, a 2.2-inch color LCD display, and two keys for the removable battery system.

Best Overall

Ride1UP 700 Series

Most people can stop their ebike search when they come across Ride1UP's 700 Series ebike. It has a 750W motor with 60 Nm of torque, can reach speeds up to 28 mph with pedal-assist, and has a throttle if you don't feel like pedaling at all.

Best for City Commuters: Aventon Level.2

Aventon Level.2 Electric Bike parked next to train


  • Long battery life and possible 60 mile range
  • Torque sensor and 8-speed drivetrain makes for smooth rides
  • Lights and fenders included


  • Doesn't work well with shorter heights
  • Prioritized battery life means more tame throttle speeds

The Level.2 from Aventon is a commuter ebike at heart, but it’s still great for casual weekend rides around town. There’s a 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor reaching 750W at its peak and 500W sustained, along with a 48V 14ah removable battery. The bike has a max range of 60 miles, max pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph, a max throttled speed of 20 mph, and 8 gears to shift between.

What’s nice about Aventon’s Level.2 is that it comes out of the box as a Class 2 ebike, but you can unlock it to access that Class 3 potential of 28 mph with pedal-assist. You can also completely unplug and remove the throttle if there’s an area around your city you want to ride that doesn’t permit throttles. There are five total pedal-assist modes that work with a torque sensor.

Using a coil spring suspension fork with up to 65 Nm of travel, any minor bumps you encounter on your ride to work won’t be super noticeable. The frame is constructed of aluminum alloy, and there are two sizes to choose from: Regular and Large. The Regular frame size fits rider heights between 5’3″ and the Large frame fits rider heights between 5’10” and 6’4.” The Level.2 bike weighs 54 pounds, and can support a total payload of 300 pounds.

With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, 27.5-inch by 2.1-inch hybrid tires, and the pre-installed fenders, you can ride in light rainy conditions without worry. In addition to the fenders, the Level.2 ebike also comes with an attached rear rack for cargo, a backlit color LCD display to monitor your stats, four integrated lights, and a smart app (Android/iOS) you can use to connect with the Aventon community and see extra riding data.

Best for City Commuters

Aventon Level.2

Whether you have a five-minute commute or a thirty-minute commute, the Aventon Level.2 ebike will get you there quickly and comfortably. Its torque sensor and 8-speed drivetrain give you a smooth ride, and the battery can last up to 60 miles in range.

Best Budget: Lectric XP Lite

Lectric XP Lite Electric Bike in nature
Lectric eBikes


  • Great entry-level price
  • Comes with pedal-assist and throttle
  • Solid build quality (and it folds!)


  • Doesn't come with fenders or a bell/horn
  • Throttle-only range is kinda meh

At $800 retail, Lectric’s XP Lite is one of the most affordable ebikes you can buy right now. Of course, $800 isn’t a small amount of money, but when you compare it to many ebike models that range between $1,500 and $2,000, the XP Lite is a budget-friendly option. Because of this lower price tag, the XP Lite is also a great option for anyone who’s tentative about trying out an ebike for the first time.

While the rear brushless motor peaks at 720W, it sustains 300W and works with a 48V removable battery for a max range of 40+ miles. The XP Lite has a single-speed drivetrain, which means you won’t have to worry about shifting speed gears, but this gives you a less customizable riding experience.

There are five different pedal-assist modes, with the first pedal-assist mode providing the max 40+ mile range and the fifth mode only delivering a 15-mile range. You’ll also get a 15-mile range if you’re using just the throttle. Then, the ebike’s slim 20-inch by 2.4-inch tires aren’t well equipped for rough terrain, but they’ll help you turn quickly on flat surfaces like roads and sidewalks.

At 46 pounds, the XP Lite is on the lighter side and can fold down to a small size, perfect for commuting on public transit or storing in the trunk of a car. The XP Lite’s total payload capacity is 275 pounds, and it can fit a wide range of rider heights between 4’8″ and 6’2.” Included with your purchase is a backlit LCD display and integrated front and rear lights.

Best Budget

Lectric XP Lite

The Lectric XP Lite is the perfect entry-level option to ebikes. You won't spend a lot (relatively speaking), but you still get a great bike with a potential 40 mile range and decent speed!

Best High Performance: Super73 R Adventure

Super 73 R Electric Bike parked in an empty lot


  • Great range at full throttle
  • Super comfortable ride
  • Both materials and mechanics feel premium


  • Super heavy
  • Pretty pricey
  • Pedaling can feel awkward

If you already know that you like riding an ebike or you’re just ready to invest a crazy amount of money into an ebike, checkout the R Adventure from Super73. Its steep price tag gets you more than just a snazzy aluminum frame and an extended riding seat—much more, in fact.

Powering the R Adventure, there’s a 750W nominal motor with a 1200W peak, an 8-speed gear system, and a 48V 20ah battery. All of this together makes for a max range of 40 to 75 miles, depending on which pedal-assisted mode you’re in or if you’re using just the throttle to get around.

Every bike is delivered in Class 2 throttle-only operation with a 40-mile range and max speed of 20 mph, but you can switch to Class 1 for a pedal-assisted range of 75+ miles or Class 3 for a shorter range and max speed of 28+ mph. Regardless of which mode you stick with, you’ll be able to stop on a dime with the hydraulic brake system and tackle bumps like a pro with the fully adjustable suspension system.

Super 73’s R Adventure ebike is pretty hefty at 88 pounds, but the total weight payload is 325 pounds, which gives you some extra wiggle room for cargo. The bike says that it can riders of heights between 5’1″ and 6’8″ can ride comfortably, but if you’re on the taller side, there are reports that pedaling can feel a bit awkward.

As far as extras go on the R Adventure, there’s an LED headlight and taillight, an integrated horn, a smart display, and a compatible smartphone app (Android/iOS). In the mobile app, you can get turn-by-turn navigation that also pops up on the smart display, easily change between pedal-assist modes, and view the bike’s current stats, like speed, miles traveled, and battery range.

Best High Performance

Super 73 R

Super 73's R Adventure ebike may be pricey, but for that price tag, you'll get a comfortable, premium experience. With a uniquely designed seat, a 750W motor, full suspension, and an 8-speed gear system, every ride will be incredibly smooth.

Best Full Suspension: Trek Powerfly FS 4 Gen 3

Trek Powerfly FS 4 Gen 3 Electric Bike on a black background
Trek Bicycle Corporation


  • Built to handle any terrain
  • Easy and comfortable ride
  • Excellent Bosch Performance Line CX motor


  • A very pricey investment
  • Doesn't come with fenders

If you live near some rough mountain trails, Powerfly’s FS 4 Gen 3 electric mountain bike is the perfect vessel to tackle them with. Its 120 mm suspension fork makes traversing rugged terrain a breeze, and you can climb miles flawlessly with its powerful Bosch performance line CX motor and a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain.

The motor has up to 85 Nm of torque and an intelligent eMTB mode with an Extended Boost feature that automatically adjusts the assistance level based on your terrain. Then, there’s a 500Wh removable battery that fully hides within the frame and has a spot to mount a water bottle cage. You can reach speeds up to 20 mph, and though there’s no estimated range from Trek, you will see an estimated range for the remaining battery charge on the ebike’s smart display.

When you’re ready to stop, the Tektro hydraulic disc brake system has you covered. The FS 4 Gen 3 also has an Active Braking Pivot feature designed by engineers to fine-tune how the suspension system reacts to acceleration and braking forces independently, giving you more control. You can also view important data on the eBike Flow app (Android/iOS), like your ride stats and your motor’s assist behavior.

The ebike weighs just over 54 pounds, and the max payload for the bike, rider, and cargo is 300 pounds. The sturdy aluminum frame comes in a total of five different sizes, with the smallest XS size fitting rider heights between 4’9″ and 5’1″ and the largest XL size fitting riders between 6’2″ and 6’5.” You can order your bike online and pick it up fully assembled in a physical Trek store location.

Best Full Suspension

Trek Powerfly FS 4 Gen 3

Powerfly's FS 4 Gen 3 ebike is capable of incredible feats because of its full suspension system. It also has a Bosch Performance Line CX motor with up to 85 Nm of torque and a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain, so you'll get lots of combined power with this ebike.

Best Cruiser: Blix Sol Eclipse

Man on a Blix Sol Eclipse Electric Bike
Blix Electric Bikes


  • Super comfortable ride
  • Powerful 750W motor and 7- or 8-gear range
  • Gorgeous beachy cruiser design


  • A bit heavy, even before add-on accessories
  • The Seafoam color option only offers mechanical disc brakes

The Blix Sol Eclipse looks like any other cruiser you’d see along the sidewalks by the beach, but it’s electric! It certainly has that comfy cruiser feel, with swept-back handlebars, a wide cushy saddle, a low step-through frame, and fatter puncture-resistant, 2.4-inch tires to help you glide smoothly over pavement and light trails. This comfortable experience is then combined with a powerful 750W rear hub motor to give you effortless rides across town.

The motor is paired with a 48V battery that can provide up to 45 miles on a single charge. That range might decrease depending on how much you rely on the throttle. You can easily swap between eight different speed gears on the right handle, and experiment with five levels of pedal-assist to find the right combination for you. The pedal-assist feature uses a cadence sensor, so you might feel the motor kick on and off more than with a torque sensor.

Most models come with hydraulic disc brakes to help you stop on a dime, rain or shine, but the Seafoam color model comes with mechanical disc brakes. Then, there are a few smaller features like a small bell, a USB charging port for your phone on the display, and of course, the smart display itself. You can see your speed, battery life, and miles traveled, as well as control the integrated front LED light.

The Blix Sol Eclipse fits a wide range of riders with only one frame size, from a shorter 5’1″ height to a tall 6’2″ height. Then, although many accessories aren’t included, there are a lot of ways you can customize your ebike. You can add racks, baskets, bags, and more to make it easy to ditch your car in favor of an ebike.

Best Cruiser

Blix Sol Eclipse

Aside from being a gorgeous ebike, the Blix Sol Eclipse has some hidden power. Its 750W motor and 7- or 8-gear range (depending on which color you go with) leave you with a potential 45 mile range and up to 20mph in speed.

Best for Rough Terrain: Velotric Nomad 1

Nomad 1 ebike on a dam at sunset.
Cory Gunther / Review Geek


  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Rugged yet stylish design
  • Four-inch puncture-resistant tires
  • Ready for any terrain


  • A bit large and heavy
  • No built-in tail light
  • Tops out at 20mph

Velotric’s Nomad 1 is a durable fat-tire ebike that’s well-equipped for all terrain, including mud, sand, and light snow. It has a high-performance 750W motor, with a peak of 1200W, and up to 75 Nm of torque. Whether you’re on the road commuting to work or taking on tough mountain trails, the Nomad 1 will make your experience feel buttery smooth.

With a 48V removable battery, you’ll have a range of up to 55 miles with pedal-assist and up to 52 miles with just the throttle engaged. There are eight speed gears to shift between and five different pedal-assist levels.

The Nomad 1’s max speed is 20 mph, and stopping is a breeze at any speed with hydraulic disc brakes. It has a hydraulic suspension fork with 80 mm of travel and a lock-out feature, as well as an extra cushy seat and handlebars positioned so you can ride with a comfortable straight back.

The bike comes with fenders and reflectors for both the front and the rear, as well as an integrated LED headlight and a USB port to charge devices via the 3.5-inch backlit LCD display. The step-through aluminum alloy frame, with the fenders, light, and reflectors, weighs 72 pounds, while the step-over version weighs 73 pounds. Riders with heights between 5’6″ and 6’9″ will fit comfortably on the Nomad 1, and the bike’s max payload is 440 pounds.

Best for Rough Terrain

Velotric Nomad 1

Read Review Geek's Full Review

With its powerful 750W motor, the Velotric Nomad 1 can handle the roughest of terrains. It may top out at 20mph, but would you really want to go faster than that on a bumpy mountain trail?

Best Folding: Fiido X

fiido x folding e-bike in front of a white brick wall
Sarah Chaney / Review Geek


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Folds quickly and fits in a car trunk
  • Can have an easy ride or a tough workout


  • Super uncomfortable seat cushion
  • Can't adjust handlebar height

If you need an ebike that can fold for whatever reason, check out the Fiido X. Whether you need to haul it onto public transit for part of your commute, store it in your car on a road trip, or just stash it away in a small corner of your garage, it folds down pretty compactly. It can be a bit awkward to maneuver once it’s folded, but once you get the hang of wheeling it around while it’s folded, that awkwardness fades.

The Fiido X did initially go through a rough patch after its launch, with the bike being recalled due to snapping in half. But before you get worried, Fiido identified the issue, fixed it, and sent the X ebike through a rigorous new testing process where it’s now double the strength of the required safety standard. Plus, we reviewed the Fiido X after this snapping issue and found it to be a pretty awesome folding ebike.

It’s equipped with a 350W brushless geared motor, a 7-speed Shimano gear system, hydraulic brakes, and a removable 417.Wh battery that boasts a 68-mile range. There’s no throttle, but there are three pedal-assisted modes that use a torque sensor and you can reach a max speed of just over 19 mph. The torque sensor makes it so the overall ride feels natural, and you’ll barely even notice there’s a motor there.

When you order a Fiido X, you’ll get free front and rear bike fenders, built-in reflectors, and a built-in headlight. There’s also an LED display with a USB charging port and puncture-proof tires. Then, with its lightweight magnesium alloy frame, the bike alone weighs only 43 pounds, and can support a max load of almost 265 pounds. Riders with a height of 5’0″ and 6’5″ can ride this ebike comfortably.

Best Folding

Fiido X

Fiido's X ebike has gone through new safety standards that make the frame sturdy as heck, despite the fact that it folds in half! With its 350W motor and 7-speed Shimano system, the X ebike has a max range of 68 miles and max speed of just over 19 mph.

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