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Solios Proves That Sustainable Materials Can Make Gorgeous Watches

Solios Solar Watch in silver on a man's wrist

Sustainability has been a hot-button issue for a few years now, and companies are still finding new ways to save the environment without sacrificing product quality. Solios succeeded with its line of men’s and women’s solar-powered watches. The stylish timepieces enhance any look with vegan leather or comfortable mesh bands and recycled stainless steel casings for an accessory that puts both the planet and style first.

Solios isn’t just using sustainability as a gimmick. The watchmaker has gone all in, touting “sustainability without compromise” on the brand’s official website. The company’s efforts to develop an environmentally-friendly timepiece start with manufacturing, where it aims to “create a circular economy where waste can become a new treasure.” Taking a logical step toward unquestionable environmental friendliness, Solios opted to make its watches 100% solar powered. Buying a Solios Solar Watch means minimizing your footprint on battery mining and the recurring waste that watch batteries can bring throughout the lifespan of a single timepiece.

Solios Solar Classic Watch | Starting at $300 | Solios

The company’s sustainability efforts continue throughout the manufacturing process, with the materials used in the casings, bands, and packaging. The case is crafted from certified recycled stainless steel that lends an outward extravagance to the watch’s appearance. And attached to that, an eco-friendly vegan leather band in black, brown, rose gold, or green, among other band options. Solios even found a way to ship its products in a more sustainable way by using entirely eco-friendly packing materials. These sustainable products are a leap in the company’s overall milestone to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

It’s not uncommon for eco-friendly products to teeter on the line of wearability due to a poor design, but Solios Solar Watches offer a lavish look and a sustainable build. If you’re looking to ditch your battery-powered watch for a simple solar-powered alternative, you can recycle your old watch for a discount on a Solios environmentally-conscious timepiece today.

Solios Solar Watches

Solios Solar Watches combine a high-end aesthetic with a focus on the environment through a manufacturing process that primarily uses eco-friendly materials.

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