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Premiere Pro’s AI Lets You Edit a Video Like a Word Document

Premiere Pro's interface showing the text-based video editor with transcript.

In 2023, AI-powered tools have revolutionized how creatives do their work. Now, it’s the video editors’ turn. This week, Adobe announced a slew of new tools in Premiere Pro, including an AI-powered text-based editing that can make editing video as easy as copy-pasting text.

Ahead of the 2023 NAB show, the company revealed the new tool’s existence in a press release, hailing it as a “groundbreaking shift in post-production workflows.” The new tool analyzes video footage and creates a transcript script that editors can rearrange in any order they want. Premiere Pro then analyzes the newly edited text and automatically cuts the footage appropriately on the timeline.

Furthermore, the AI-generated transcripts will be searchable, allowing editors, producers, and directors to quickly find the footage and takes they want.

The new text-based editor has the potential not only to dramatically cut down the time editors spend behind the screen, manually cutting, splitting, and arranging video clips but also to make the craft of video editing much more accessible to newcomers.

Other enhancements to Premiere Pro include Automatic Tone Mapping and Log Color detection, which enables editors to mix and match HDR footage from varying sources into one SDR project with consistent color. The program is also getting upgraded GUP acceleration and collaborative editing enhancements like sequence locking, presence indicators, and offline work tools. Premiere Pro is also getting improved format support for RED V-Raptor X, ARII Alexa 35, and Sony Venice v2 cameras and expanded Speech to Text support for Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.

Text-Based Video Editing

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