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(Update: Lofi Boy) The Lofi Girl Disappeared and People Are Freaked Out

an image of the Lofi Beats to Chill and Study To livestream, minus the Lofi Girl.
Lofi Girl

The Lofi Girl livestream is a cultural touchstone. It offers a never-ending supply of relaxing music with a simple animated image of a girl studying by her window. But the Lofi Girl has disappeared from her YouTube livestream, and in her place is a teaser for a mysterious website.

Update, 4/11/23: After a long countdown, the Lofi Girl channel debuted a new “Lofi Boy” livestream that play synthwave music (the Lofi Girl herself is also back). Interestingly, you can see the Lofi Boy’s apartment from the Lofi Girl’s window, and vice versa.

As for the lofiworld.com website, it simply redirects to the Lofi Boy’s stream.

Fans of Lofi Girl are going absolutely bananas. On April 7th, the Lofi Girl Twitter account shared an ominous video of a blue light blinking in an apartment. After Twitter users realized that the blinking light was Morse code, Lofi Girl spilled the beans—a website called lofiworld.com is about to launch!

Later, on the morning of April 10th, the Lofi Girl pressed the launch button on her website. She quickly disappeared from her livestream. It seems that the website did not immediately launch, as a second livestream (of a countdown clock in a blue room) is now live on the Lofi Girl YouTube channel (and lofiworld.com isn’t working yet).

It seems that lofiworld.com will actually go live on April 11th. Details are slim, though a press release explains that Lofi Girl is “set to take the channel’s immersive experience to new heights, providing an even more captivating experience for their dedicated community.”

Lofi Girl is part of Lofi Records, a music label that is steadily growing thanks to merchandising campaigns and collaborations. The lofiworld.com website could be anything—a new webstore, a forum, a dedicated streaming service, or even an NFT. We’ll just have to wait and see. (For what it’s worth, the official Lofi Records website is currently under maintenance.)

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