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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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Amazon's Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that nets you access to millions of eBooks, and thousands of audiobooks and magazines. The value though, depends on how much you prefer well-known books versus self-published books. You'll find more of the latter than the former.

If you’re a Kindle-carrying bookworm, your reading habit can get expensive. Sure, you can always count on the library to be there with good reads. However, you sometimes have to wait to get popular eBooks, which can be frustrating. The good news is a service called Kindle Unlimited can help you.

While this service isn’t free, it can help you save on eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines if you’re an avid reader. This article covers everything you need to know about Kindle Unlimited so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

We’ve mentioned that Kindle Unlimited can help readers like you save, but what is it exactly? This subscription service through Amazon provides unlimited access to millions of reading materials. You can find more than three million eBooks, thousands of audiobooks, and magazine subscriptions.

When you sign up for Kindle Unlimited membership, you can borrow up to 20 eligible titles at a time. However, magazines don’t count toward your total, so you can feel free to read as many as your heart desires.

The word “borrow” might make you think of library books and due dates, but due dates don’t exist in the world of Kindle Unlimited. As a result, you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the Kindle Unlimited catalog for as long as you subscribe. And speaking of the catalog, you’ll know that a book is part of it and eligible for you to borrow because it will be marked as “Kindle Unlimited.”

Do I Need a Kindle to Use Kindle Unlimited?

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If you don’t have a Kindle, you might assume that Kindle Unlimited isn’t a service you can use. After all, Kindle is right in the name of it. However, you can read Kindle Unlimited books on your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is the free Kindle Reading app.

How Much Does Kindle Unlimited Cost?

You know that Kindle Unlimited isn’t a free service, but how much can you expect to shell out for it? Right now, you can access this service for $9.99 per month plus applicable taxes.

However, there are ways to get Kindle Unlimited for less (at least temporarily):

  • You can do a free 30-day trial.
  • You can sign up when there is a promotion. These occur every so often, so it’s smart to keep your eyes peeled.

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It?

Now that you know exactly how much Kindle Unlimited costs, the next question on your mind is whether it’s worth the cost. The answer depends in part on how much you read and how much you typically spend on eBooks and audiobooks.

For example, let’s say you read one $10 eBook each month. The cost of a month of Kindle Unlimited is the same as what you’re currently paying to fund your reading habit. However, if you read two or more $10 books per month, you’re starting to look at significant savings.

The other factor to consider is the quality of books in the Kindle Unlimited catalog. While there are bestsellers and works by famous authors, many of the Kindle Unlimited books are self-published, and some are even written by ChatGPT. The cost of these eBooks is around a dollar or two. If you’re mostly reading these types of books, you’d have to read five or more to make the most of your monthly membership. You’ll also need to decide if you even want to read these AI-written eBooks.

Can I Share Kindle Unlimited Content?

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If you believe that sharing is caring, you’ll be happy to know that you can share Kindle Unlimited content with members of your Amazon Household. To make it happen, you’ll need to do two things:

And just like that you can share your Kindle content with members of your Amazon Household.

What Are the Best Books on Kindle Unlimited?

It’s important to know that the Kindle Unlimited titles can change at any time. You might find new favorites added to the catalog, while other titles pop off the list. Luckily, with millions of titles available at any given time, you’ll never run out of reading material.

As of the writing of this article, here are some of the best books on Kindle Unlimited:

Can I Do a Trial of Kindle Unlimited?

You can try out Kindle Unlimited for no charge before you commit to paying the monthly fee. Amazon makes it easy to start your trial. All you have to do is click on the ‘Start your 30-day free trial” button.

Just remember your monthly subscription will renew at $9.99 per month plus tax if you don’t cancel before the end of your trial. As a result, you’ll want to put a reminder in your phone so that you don’t forget to cancel before the end of the 30 days.

How Do You Get Kindle Unlimited?

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If you’re sold on the idea of signing up for Kindle Unlimited, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started.

  • Head over to the Kindle Unlimited signup page.
  • Click on “Start your 30-day free trial” while logged into your Amazon account.
  • Enjoy 30 free days of Kindle Unlimited before your subscription renews for $9.99 (plus tax) each month.

How Do You Cancel Kindle Unlimited?

Speaking of canceling, Amazon offers a streamlined process to help you cancel Kindle Unlimited if it’s not right for you or if you just need to take a break.

  • Go to “Memberships & Subscriptions.”
  • Select “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership” under membership settings.
  • Select “Cancel Membership.”

Your membership will be active until the next billing date has passed, which means you won’t get a partial refund if you cancel in the middle of your billing period.

Now that you’re an expert on Kindle Unlimited, you’ll want to make your way over to Amazon and sign up for a free trial. Get ready to explore the millions of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines!

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